Naughty Bear: Gold Edition Still Set for Release?

Some months ago Electronic Theatre caught wind of a re-release of the underappreciated Naughty Bear. Set to be known as Naughty Bear: Gold Edition, the retail package would include the original game, all the downloadable content (DLC) packages and every Title Update issued since release. However, originally scheduled for release in March, Naughty Bear: Gold Edition seemed to simply disappear of the UK’s upcoming release schedule.

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trainsinrdr2778d ago

wtf is this it looks like a quentin tarantino game lol

Kran2778d ago

Really? .............................


This game was awful.

Wolfie2778d ago

ok i like the boxart but this game was horribad, i beat 3 chapters and i gave up

lochdoun2778d ago

What's next?
Socom 4: Gold Edition?

Kran2778d ago

More like Call of Duty: Black Ops Game of the Year edition.

Yeah. Activision can keep dreaming, because BO barely got any game of the years.

barb_wire2778d ago

Gold Edition?.. for Naughty Bear of all games??

Scraping the barrel me thinks.. played the game and was bored by it after a hour - never replayed it.. the premise of the game is cool, the execution was wildly lacking.

Could've been a great game..

Honestly, that boxart is better than the game!

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The story is too old to be commented.