The reason why the PS Move will never be a success

The PlayStation Move is on the market for over six months and still the sales are not outstanding in comparison to the succes of the Wii. Is it ever gonna be a success? Read the opinion piece by PSfocus.

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BoneIdle2692d ago

What ? It has sold 8million units how is that not a success !!

TotalPS3Fanboy2692d ago

What chu talking about?
PlayStation Move is already a success.
8 millions sold.

Seijoru2692d ago

The sales exceeded Sony's expectations. They also didn't really market as heavily as MS marketed Kinect so what do you expect. I've found it a a great alternative controller.

THC CELL2692d ago

move is miles better than kinect killzone n socom proves that

Max_Dissatisfaction2692d ago

Lol you really wanna use SOCOM as an example for anything good?

BlackTar1872691d ago

MAX i am pretty sure everyone can safely assume you never touched Socom your a review troll and i feel bad for you. Why do you troll all the ps3 articles?

Viper72692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Agreed, Killzone3 and Socom4 have had impressive move implementation. Just finding the right setting in both games is often problematic (don't like the default settings)

For me having high turning speed and low cursor sensitivity (helps keep aim steady) seems to fit the best. But as for accuracy, definitely above normal controller but movement takes a bit practice.

hopefully even more fps and 3rd person shooters start supporting move.

jack_burt0n2692d ago

It also gets used by people that bought it, sports champions is a AA game and things like KZ3, RUSE, Socom, HR means it will always have a core base of titles.

Tired2692d ago

er hasn't the kinect sold 1:1 software:hardware? Why are no more people buying more games?

I own 15 move(or move enabled) games.

Some work better than others...the tech works and when implemented well is a joy to use. Otherwise it's a mess (res 5 I'm looking at you!)

But it's early days yet.

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