Den of Geek: Brink Review

If you're a fan of games such as Team Fortress or Quake Wars, then Brink will certainly appeal, and the little touches may be welcome additions to the formula. But if you've gotten used to silky smooth and buttery game engines and controls like those seen in CoD and Halo, you'll probably find Brink to be a disappointment. Solo players with a lot of patience may also get some enjoyment out of it, but this is definitely an online multiplayer title at heart.

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Scyrus2777d ago

one of my gripes about the game is that the characters all look like decendants of the statues of stone henge. All so ugly and have elongated heads! customization is useless if the characters are hideous

Eiffel2777d ago

Because it's in no way the art style right? Deal with it.

PirateThom2777d ago

I think you mean Easter Island.