Sony to release Playstation-branded stereo earphones for PSP

Examiner writes "A new set of Playstation-branded stereo earphones will be released soon by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan for the Playstation Portable."

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TotalPS3Fanboy2772d ago

I will take the white one please.

Joni-Ice2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Why Sony Why? Do you really need to focus your time on some Playstation branded headphones with all the Sony headphones available? I can see if it was some 7.1 gaming headphones for PS3.

RedDragan2772d ago

I'll stick with my Bose headphones.

KillerPwned2772d ago

The PSP is huge in Japan and SCEJ would of course do this consumers over their will eat these up.

MisterAV2772d ago

i've already playstation branded white earphones. They were included with the first model in the giga pack, and psp branded memory stick.

Nate-Dog2772d ago

Sony earphones suck anyway. I used to get them a bit before because the sound quality was decent but I went through 3 pairs in less than a year, none of them lasted more than 3 months. I'll stick with Philips thanks.