Sony Goes Into The Blu For Christmas Market

Sony is to launch the first UK TV ad promoting its Blu-Ray DVD disc as the format war heats up before the critical Christmas shopping season.

The electronics giant, which is locked in a battle with the rival HD-DVD format backed by Microsoft and Toshiba, aims to make Blu-Ray the high definition format of choice for watching programmes.

Sony's Blu-Ray ad breaks for the first time at 12.42 on Saturday on Sky Sports 1, just before Liverpool kick off against Everton in their Premier League derby.

The ad, created by Fallon, promotes the idea that Sony's format is the future of HD entertainment, including through its PS3 games console, which is Blu-Ray enabled.

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DEADEND4076d ago

I think this holiday session is the end of HD-DVD. With price cuts for BLU-RAY Players and for the PS3, plus a ton of movies coming out real soon it's going to be really hard for HD-DVD to keep up.

ruibing4076d ago

Though I agree with you, I doubt Toshiba and MS are going to go down without a fight. They will either retaliate with price cuts, more holiday bundles, or try to form alliances with some other studio. The good news for Sony is basically that if their PS3 does well, it almost assures them that the BD format will as well. They were smart to bundle the Spiderman 3 movie with each 40GB to first create a tiny bit more attractive bundle and more importantly showcase its ability to play BD movies (since some current owners still don't know about this feature).

nasim4076d ago

PEOPLE please approve my thread . XBOTS are terming it as SPAM

BD is outselling HD DVD 9:1 in JAPAN

and 4:1 in NA at the moment

dont forget SPIDEY 3 and PIRATES 3 are due this FALL exclusively on BD

MJY2K4076d ago

I like the ad but then it doesn't really inform you on the benefits of going blu-ray. Why don't the guys who make the bravia adds make the ads for the PS3 and blu-ray? The bravia adds are some of the best on television, especially the paint one

coltsfreak184076d ago

they said only 750000 ps3s have been sold. this war is over soon.