Next Call of Duty to have premium online features

Activision confirmed during its Q1 2011 financial call last night that its new Call of Duty game will be revealed in a few weeks time, however one detail which slipped out is that it’ll include premium online features....

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padz12779d ago

If this is true...then who the hell do activision think they are?
Money grabbing bastards. I hope this finally makes people realise they are only in it for the money and dont really care about the quality of the game.

fatalred alarm2779d ago

well well well, what a suprise

Wenis2779d ago

Looks like I'm not buying this game then. Actually I was already planning on not buying it seeing how BF3 is coming out at the same time, but this just further validates my choice

aceitman2779d ago

and if it happens i will boycott activision games period . we make them all this money and they repay by. saying up yours if u want the good stuff buy it .

Enate2779d ago

Well if that's true they just lost my money as well as numerous other people I game with.

zeal0us2779d ago

"who the hell do activision think they are? "

Seen the map pack sells figures? ppl are crazy enough to buy over price dlc, they will pay for premium features, if these online features include special perks,guns or armor/camo then the game might be unbalance(if not already unbalance).

JoeIsMad2779d ago

You know, this could actually translate to a HIGHER quality title over time, with support financially pushing the title to expand faster and more often, including more weapons, vehicles, environments, etc.. If you love a title as the fans clearly do, they might be willing to shell out more cash to pick up more content faster.

evrfighter2779d ago

I wouldn't argue that. But when you say higher quality you should think polished gameplay aka very few gltiches, exploits, bugs, balance.

gameplay wise CoD has peaked. Even with new maps monthly or game modes it's still the same tired old CoD.

You can't add to it ingame as its already maxing out 360 systems and we all know Kotick sells to the lowest common denominator.

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fourthpersonview2779d ago

It finally happened! Call of Duty is pay-to-play now!

FFFFFFUUU....oh wait....

...Battlefield 3 is still free!

PRHB HYBRiiD2779d ago

I hope this is true so people wont buy it and activision might stop milking it...But i know that aint gonna happen call of duty will sell millions no matter what FML -.-

KingDustero2779d ago

AK47 early unlock- $1.99
Gold camo- $2.99
Pro versions of all perks-$9.99
Taking advantage of idiots-priceless

Manibi972778d ago

I can actually see that happening...

S_C2779d ago

If they had any chance of selling this, they would have to drop the price of the full game by a great amount as they already charge well over the normall asking price for the game already.

cr33ping_death2779d ago

thank god for Battlefield. guess activision wants to lose out to the competition after all.

ZombieAssassin2779d ago

As long as they are not charging for the base online play this game won't take a hit at all for sales, which from the sound of this they are not. Still one can hope.

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