The next Wake is not Alan Wake 2

EG writes: "Remedy Entertainment has confirmed to Eurogamer that "yes, more [Alan] Wake is coming!" But the Finnish developer said the new game won't be Alan Wake 2."

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Stuart57562689d ago

I hope they don't let Microsoft pull too many strings, Remedy we're once a hugely popular Dev team, I loved Alan Wake, one of my fauvs this gen, but the sales were rubbish. They need to team back up with Rockstar!

TotalPS3Fanboy2689d ago

Alan Wake for Kinect (on-railed).

NukaCola2689d ago

The devs wanted the game to kick off a franchise. I predict a book series and either a film or miniseries run on SiFi.

awiseman2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Nice stealth trolling, I mean really, gotta hand it to you...
Look at the disagree to agree ratio...troll comments by ps3fanboys have more support than proper discussion comments...
The kinect stuff was never confirmed but the trolls are so desperate to see the game either 1) go multiplat or 2) be on rails so they can troll more.

Also remedy put on facebook that its not a dlc either.

reznik_zerosum2689d ago

PC VERSION ? i would kill for it

Tommykrem2689d ago

Thought the same thing. Maybe even a PS3 version if there wasn't any exclusive contract with Microsoft involved. Was there?

Kalowest2689d ago

Beat AW a couple of days ago, damn great story, i want more.

the_kutaragi_baka2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

We don't need alan wake 2. The first game was good halfway through and then they run out of ideas and try to lengthen the game with cheap and boring moves.and I really dislike games are made for 5 years and when they are finaly out they recycle them to make sequels a year later.

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gravemaker2689d ago ShowReplies(1)
ExitToExisT2689d ago

F*ck , i also believe that they are developing it for kinect

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The story is too old to be commented.