Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition to Make EU Debut This Month

Capcom Entertainment had revealed that the forthcoming London MCM Expo will play host to the official European debut of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. As the third revision of the phenomenally popular Street Fighter IV, all eyes are on Capcom to see if their flagship fighting franchise can stay ahead of the impressive Mortal Kombat, especially given that the two series were once bitter rivals.

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SuperKing2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I don't know if I should even bother buying this. I mean, I love Street Fighter and the reason why I bought SF4 is purely because of Akuma. Now SSF4: Arcade Edition has Oni Akuma AND Evil Ryu, my two mos favourite characters. So damn tempting.

But if I buy this I'll be supporting Capcom's ridiculous strategy of pumping out different versions of each games and screwing their previous buyers.

I'll probably wait until Street Fighter 5 comes out, better yet Super Street Fighter 5: Arcade edition. :/

Oni Akuma's Ultimate combos is pretty sweet too...*sigh*

LiamIRL822598d ago

But your also getting Yun & Yang, those two are reason enough for me to buy the dlc

waltyftm2598d ago

Oni Akuma's Ultimate is jawdropping, Best one i have ever seen.

Rynx2598d ago

His name is just Oni guys. Calling him Oni Akuma is like saying Demon Demon.

Fallouts2598d ago

fvck a street fighter with its cooky cutter lame story and its last gen features..

mk all day....

LiamIRL822598d ago

MK doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Street Fighter

newhumanbreed2598d ago

It really doesn't. The characters are so cheap in MK. Long reach and teleportation. Oh, and they all look the same with different colors.

Fallouts2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

you 2 are ccrraazzyy...

Thoreau2598d ago

i will buy ssf4ae because i am a sf person but mk9 has put the beatdown on it. character balance is my issue with ssf4ae

Kalowest2598d ago

If all the Costumes(DLC), and new Characters(DLC) cost too much, i might buy the retail version

Rynx2598d ago

Retail version better come with all the costumes or else no sale from me

NYC_Gamer2598d ago

how many other versions will be announced after this?

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