Japan’s Most Famous Foreigner Can See the Funny Side of the PSN Attacks

Kotaku: If you were to ask a Japanese person to name five Americans, they might say President Obama, Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. But one person they'd definitely say is Dave Spector.

Dave Spector is a regular on Japanese television, appearing in commercials, dramas and variety programs. He even writes columns in Japanese magazines and has published books.

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Urmomlol2776d ago

Ashcraft's obsession with Japanese flirts on the border of pathetic and creepy

Lich1202776d ago

Well fine then. Now every time someone makes a stupid pun Im going to call it a "Japanese Joke". How does it feel Japan? Not so good does it?!

audiojet2776d ago

I fu*kin hate Kotaku. Every time I follow a link to an article from N4G it takes me to there home page with the article nowhere to be seen. 1995-net-shite.