Star Wars: The Old Republic Design Interview [Game Revolution]

Emmanuel Lusinchi, Associate Lead Designer at Bioware, was kind enough to sit down with me for an interview, and this time around we’ve got some PvP nuggets thrown in too. ~ Josh Laddin

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dbjj120882773d ago

Will Old Republic bring down WoW?

moaradin2773d ago

It will be very popular and may one day get more subscribers than WoW, but nothing is going to flat out "kill" WoW. I think Blizzard themselves are doing a lot of harm to it though.

stormeagle62773d ago

Yeah, there's no such thing as the mythical WoW-killer. The two games will exist side by side, and if anything we've seen is any indication, both will do pretty well for themselves.

samurailincoln2772d ago

I don't like MMOs, but I love BioWare and Star Wars. So conflicted.

Koolaye2772d ago

oh my, my friend is going to love this. Great interview, very thorough.