IGN: Soldier of Fortune: Payback Hands-On, Videos and Screens

Soldier of Fortune: Payback may be the funniest game released this year. The original Soldier of Fortune was known for its excessive brutality and developer Cauldron has spared no expense to put as much blood and dismemberment on the screen as humanly possible. The violence is so ludicrously extreme, that it's almost impossible not to laugh with glee. It's as if Cauldron used the over-the-top trailer for John Rambo as basis for Payback's gameplay. In other words, it's pretty awesome.

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Douche4076d ago

I've gotta say, this game looks great. The realism is outstanding. But there are many flaws that are disturbing and annoying about the gameplay. A few of the weapons seemed "unnatural". Where was the recoil? The enemies look and move so times. But looks like the hit reactions were a bit sketchy. And the player's movement was a bit weird, especially when running. Besides those few problems, this has really surprised me. I hope it plays as good as it looks by it's release.

ASSASSYN 36o4076d ago

It is just a game you know.

Douche4076d ago

Your point? I'm not allowed to be excited? This is a games site, isn't it? You must be lost.