Game-Debate: IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Preview

Game-Debate writes "This game is going to be absolutely HUGE! But not just yet. I understand that there are a couple of major patches still in Beta which are being tested prior to the US launch on May 24th. The April 19th patch delivered major FPS gains for me, to a point that made the game playable. However, gameplay is still weak compared with "IL2 1946". I believe this game will be a new benchmark for the WWII combat flight simulator genre. But it's not ready yet. Any review I write will have to reflect this opinion. In view of the pressure to publish prematurely, I therefore intend this as a "Preview" to be followed by a, hopefully, more positive "Review" following the US launch patches."

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bumnut2777d ago

Im still waiting for the 128 player battles to appear, there are a few servers up but most of them are full realism and are a little too complicated for me.

This game needs work but I hope it will get there in the end.