Crysis 2 Retaliation Map Pack: Trailer & Release Date

VGW: Back in April, various sites posted leaked screenshots of a new multiplayer map pack for Crysis 2 entitled “Retaliation,” but few other details surfaced. Now, EA has handed us the official trailer for the upcoming map pack, and with it an announced release date.

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slavish32779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! but please do epic add-on like warhead or wars

killyourfm2779d ago

I seriously doubt it, but I think if they went with 400 MS points, it would sell through the roof.

ATiElite2779d ago way as Crysis 2 has yet to turn a profit. that game has lost so much cash that i feel the DX11 patch has been canned. Hopefully i'm wrong.

Shogun 2 released it's first patch (HUGE patch) and it included DX11. Shogun released without DX11 due to an error in the program (read the patch fixes and you will understand) meanwhile Crysis 2 released without DX11 because it's just a console port.

GrumpyVeteran2779d ago

Indeed and agreed.

Yup, I have a feeling it's going to be a ~$10 map pack or something (even on PC)

I wish it was free ala Valve's games but EA is the publisher here so what can we expect?

LFC1EE2779d ago

Bought the game but unfortunately haven't had much time to play it but i will do now i got more time.

tompoulo2779d ago

I seriously love the multiplayer in Crysis 2(already level 50) but it suffers from numerous bugs. I hope it comes with a patch that fixes the multiplayer bugs. If it does i am gonna buy it day 1!

Reborn2779d ago

Thats the main reason the whole Crysis 2 forum is blowing up.

I'll probably wait to see if they decide to fix anything.

killyourfm2779d ago

Indeed. If you want to restore faith in your customer base, issue a patch BEFORE the map pack.

xVeZx2779d ago

lol no dont fix your laggy multiplayer sell overpriced DLC maps instead....pathetic....

CoD5112779d ago

(just a note, level designers or artists don't work as programmers so they could do both simultaneously)

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