So what happens to the 20GB and 60GB models?

Remember the 20GB system? Long thought gone, the system is still available at for $380. This is the cheapest system you can get. At $20 less than the 40GB model, you lose wi-fi connectivity and 20GB of hard disk space. However, you gain backwards compatibility. For those that want the cheapest PS3 that can also play PS2 games, this one may be for you.

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SonySoldiers4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

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hfaze4072d ago

Why not just get all three and have the best of all...

Yes, I own a 360 and a Wii, but my PS3 is my primary gaming machine...

With a 160GB drive in my 60GB model PS3, it rocks as a media center machine as well... ;-)

mrlakadaddy4072d ago

is a xbot fanboy alter ego....there are a few sonybot alter egos out there too...they are usually very obnoxious and over dramatic acting like a member of the opposite camp making it look like their enemies are fanatics....this is an example of a double agent fanboy in the wild...pathetic aint it

unsunghero284072d ago

Without Wi-fi (and HDMI too, right?) then a lot of the perks of getting a PS3 are lost.

I'm getting a PS3 this holiday season, and I doubt $20 would ever make me give up so many features.

aaquib54072d ago

HDMI is standard in every PS3. Sony's not going to randomly add it in 11M consoles later.

Panthers4072d ago

I got the 20 GB and it has everything I need. Only thing really missing is WiFi and I dont plan on using that because of the Lag it would cause online.

nomad1174072d ago

and you gain BC,2 more usb ports and yes it does have Hdmi but no wifi I really don't find as really a big deal

DeckUKold4072d ago

can't connect regularly my father always think it would break something just like with his hdtv he thinks the ps3 is gonna break it lol

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aaquib54072d ago

For those crying for backwards compatibility finally get it. The 20gb PS3 has both the Emotion engine and Graphics synthesizer, making 99% of PS2 games work flawlessly with it. Oh boy, would I like to see this sold at retail this holiday for $349. And, before xbox boys come in and say "RIP OFF NO WIFI!!" Don't forget. Neither XBOX 360 ever made has ever had wifi, at any price.

remix4072d ago

with less gigs. but sony allows for 3rd party harddrives which vary alot in price and are usually cheap. i got a 200 gig for 99.99$ dollars. this is really gonna get sony some numbers for all the sku's
80 gig, 60gig, 40gig and 20gig(to many freakin sku's in my opionion though) but at least there getting rid of the 60 and the 20gig (are they getting rid of the 20 gig

ChanDangle4072d ago

They should of just had a rundown.

20gig = $350
40gig = $400
60gig = $450
80gig = $500

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The story is too old to be commented.