Shogun 2 Gets DX11 + Much More

The DirectX 11 patch for Shogun 2: Total War has finally been released! All of you looking to push your fancy new DX 11 cards can now enjoy the ancient Japanese battlefield in stunning DX 11 detail... but that's not all. The update also brings a laundry list of other features from fixes to balancing and map additions. There's just way too much to post in an article, so listed below is the entire scroll of changes with the new patch. Check it out of you've got the time, but most importantly go update those games!

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skorp2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

What's with the DX11 being patched into games? If it's announced as a feature shouldn't it just come with the game, or be left out all together?

Early adopters get the shaft with lower quality graphics in the end.

Edit: Still glad to get DX11 though!

dry_ice2775d ago

Better late than never?

I get your mixed feelings though as an early adopter.

captain-obvious2775d ago

from what i've heard DX11 takes a long time to implement
and that means the game is going to be delayed

so with patching it they insure an early release and then some pump in sales after patching DX11 in

skorp2775d ago

Haha my point exactly. I got one.. now I was Crysis as well!