GameStop Offering $100 off PS3's

IGN - The last few weeks have been turbulent for PlayStation 3 users. As a result of the PlayStation Network's prolonged outage, gamers can't play online, purchase games off of the PlayStation Store, or access their friends list. In essence, all PlayStation 3 consoles around the world are in offline mode.


Please note that this is only available to Power-Up Rewards members.

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Misterhbk2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Hmm...can this be used in conjunction with the 200 for any PS3 traded in deal they also have going? If So i'll trade my old phatty thats not being used anymore and get the slim pretty much for free =]

movements2773d ago

Now that's what I call a deal.

blumatt2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

lol That would be pretty damn sweet. To get a Slim PS3 practically for free. haha Something tells me though, that you can't use both deals at once.

Either way, I hope the PS3 gets a price drop to $250 or $200 at E3. Their momentum would be unstoppable with a plethora of exclusives this year plus an awesome price for the hardware!

KDubyah2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I doubt it, honestly. GameStop doesn't usually seem to conjoin their deals..
Or, so, at least that I have experienced and noticed, anyway. So, I'd say no.
But, either way, both of the deals are still great, by themselves..

MTEC82772d ago

If you cant use the 200 fat PS3 credit at the same time as this deal.....then why do you just trade it in for the credit first and come back in 5 mins and get the slim!? I am a Power-Up member, waiting for my coupon...

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Solidus187-SCMilk2773d ago

the power up rewards take so long to get with that website but joining was free, so I got one a while back. Things like this make it much better to join tho.

I wonder if this is only for the members who pay and not the free members like ME?//? or maybe they dont send it to people who they know have a ps3 already like me?

etowntwo2773d ago

I just got the email..

Deal is valid till the 29th ..

I've only been a Xbox/Wii gamer this gen, and this deal is really tempting

Tetsuryu2773d ago

I have a question if you don't mind. To get the email, will a free PowerUp Rewards membership suffice?

etowntwo2773d ago

That's all I have, so I would assume yeah.

Tetsuryu2773d ago

I'll try signing up for a free membership later tomorrow and see if I can get one before the 29th. Thanks for the info.

KDubyah2773d ago

As, etowntwo said, that should work. The free membership thing..
It doesn't say that you have to be a Pro Member, so should be no problem.

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