Call of Duty Updates From Activision

Activision announced several things regarding its most popular franchise, Call of Duty, on its earnings call today.

For starters, the next Call of Duty game (Activision did not confirm if this would be Modern Warfare 3) will have an accompanying "online universe." Activision didn't give any further details, but this could be connected to the new studio Beachhead's endeavor to provide "digital content" for the franchise.

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iamnsuperman2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Online universe???? Could this be only online with no single player. Interesting what they have said but if the gameplay and graphics havent improved then no dice activision. It is one thing milking a franchise it is another making no improvement in the last two games

RedDead2774d ago

What's the odds on it still being full price?

blu_yu_away2774d ago


What are the odds that it is full of micro transactions on top of it?

TXIDarkAvenger2774d ago

Who cares?

There's isn't going to be anything different from the previous game. COD is just rehashed garbage. They'll just keep milking the series until it ends up like GH but it probably never will. They know people will still buy there games even if there's no changes. To show how much they care, they said they won't even make a new engine. Wow.

Hopefully all COD users realize COD is just the same game over and over again. I suggest you guys find another FPS like BF3-a game that's being made with a lot of effort.

Raven_Nomad2774d ago

What makes BF3 have more effort then COD? Honestly there have been no reviews and Dice and EA are just doing a lot of talking.

Did you expect them to say their game is trash? Their job is to hype people on their game. I HATE the Bad Company games.

Why do so many people make excuses for crummy games and then attack popular ones just because they are popular and the masses enjoy them?

Nobody has even played Battlefield 3 yet, at least with COD people know what to expect for the most part and people in general are happy with that.

Why would they mess with a formula millions of people enjoy?

Elimin82774d ago

@ AnimeAvenger... AMEN Brother/Sister!

DNAbro2774d ago

Then you just have bad taste in games.

Battlefield > CoD any day

No Way2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Why does it have to come to people hating on a popular franchise game?
Maybe they actually don't like the games, like you don't like the BC games?
Did you ever think about that one, or did you just assume that was the case?
What are you talking about, no one is saying to change the formula of CoD..
People complain the games are basically the same game, for the most part.
They complain that Activision doesn't make a better or updated engine ..
They complain that Call of Duty has a lack of new features every year.
They complain that the games don't seem to be balanced or polished ..

I don't see anymore (or much, rather) complain about the formula of CoD.
But, rather, the way that Activision goes about developing and treating CoD.

Raven_Nomad2774d ago

@No Way

Every Call Of Duty has added features. I am not sure where people get this whole "Not updated" BS.

If you go back and play COD4 today the game is horrid looking. So even if they are using modified engines they are clearly improving on them with each game.

I look at COD as having two different developers, each developer has a two year cycle. Same as Killzone, Resistance, Battlefield, Uncharted ect...

I could understand the complaints if COD games didn't score so well on Metacritic and if they didn't sell so well.

While I agree sales don't mean quality, it is a damn good indication. I don't think people would continually buy the new COD game if it stunk. I complain about certain things in every COD game, mostly because NO GAME IS PERFECT.

I still love the games though. Unlike the blind people claiming loyalty to a game they have never played "Battlefield 3". I make no such claims. I know what the next COD will bring, I have no clue what BF3 will bring. I've been fooled before by promises and shiny graphics.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2774d ago

Oh give it a rest already. Gees. We know CoD made a pass at your great grandma at your great grandpa's funeral but please get over it

xstation792774d ago Show
bobtheimpaler2774d ago

People who play these broken games year on year seriously need to broaden their horizons.

They only sell well because they cater to the lowest common denominator. There is not a single aspect of the game, either by design or artistic merit that is compelling. I mean the weapons look and feel like toys for crying out loud. This is 2011, can we get some recoil and skill gap back please.

I'll be picking up BF3 instead. And yeah no one has played BF3 yet, but in terms of producing quality titles DICE have a better track record.

If you simply let sales determine the value of a game, you are letting the tail wag the dog.

Libertheme2774d ago

They're going to start charging for dumb shit.

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