ATI /AMD Radeon Catalyst 11.5 drivers now available for download

AMD has released Catalyst 11.5 drivers. PC Gamers will be interested to note that they resolve an issue causing graphics deterioration whilst playing Bioshock.

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Megaton2777d ago

I hate upgrading my drivers. I'm always nervous that CCC will stop working again.

Ducky2777d ago

Don't update if you don't have to.
That's my philosophy.

Perfectly happy with how everything is performing right now (I think I'm still on 10.9) so won't upgrade till the release notes show something worthy of interest.

CtrlAltDel2777d ago

Agreed: Don't update unless you're having issues. - Rule of thumb.

I was just over there looking a few hours ago. I was wondering if they further refined the drivers for Crysis 2.

BattleAxe2777d ago

Go buy a GTX 590 and forget about this stuff.

Killzoned2777d ago

Serious? Although i don't have a ATI card, I'd rather have an ATI card than seeing a 590 letting a steam of smoke out Lmao

Motorola2777d ago

yeah cuz we all have 700 dollars lying around to buy a 590. Even if I did have 700 dollars lying around. HD 6990 anyone?

dirthurts2777d ago

Even the GTX 590 has driver updates...
That said...
AMD ftw!