20 Years On, EA Still Remembers Road Rash

Sinan Kubba writes, "With an illustrious back-catalogue to explore, it’s easy to feel that EA might not be taking full advantage of its wealth of classic IPs. It appears CVG felt that way when they asked EA Games president Frank Gibeau in March if his company had turned its back on its history. Gibeau denied the accusation and was also forthright in defending his own working history with some of those classic IPs."

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christheredhead2779d ago

this retro games place a few miles from my house had road rash 3d on the ps1 for 2.99. surprisingly, it was still in the original case with the manual so i just couldn't pass it up. i played it for about 2 hours when i got home. good times.

i wouldn't mind seeing a full on road rash game with the online autolog feature. that would be pretty sweet.