Minecraft Map Tool Revealed

Mojang today released more information on PC Gamer about the map item that will be released on the minecraft 1.6 update.
“Maps will start out as a blank parchment and you will need to have it in your hand and move around for it to be filled in. You will also be able to copy maps from your friends to save yourself from the back breaking work of filling it in. Nifty, huh? Apart from maps, 1.6 will contain a huge bunch of bug fixes to make the game more stable.”

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Shackdaddy8362777d ago

I hope he continues to add crafting things after the game comes out of beta. Right now there are a lot but I feel like I can make just about everything within about an hour of playing.

lewispearson2777d ago

He did say he will, he said summin on the lines of "even when its in the full game, it will never be complete" or something on those lines

Oldman1002777d ago

This should be helpful.