Source: Xbox 360 Spring 2011 update launches May 19, adds PayPal; Avatar Kinect coming May 27

Even before that new app smell has worn off from Hulu Plus, Microsoft will launch its annual spring update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Images sent to Joystiq by a Microsoft tech support employee reveal that the next Dashboard update will begin rolling out on May 19.

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slavish32775d ago

i hope for more then that!

Kalowest2775d ago

This is good for a small update. MS does the big XBL updates between September and November.

guigsy2775d ago

Yeah they usually add major features in the fall update. Paypal is a nice addition anyway.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2775d ago

Yeah that is awesome, i sell alot of things on ebay, so the money i make i can easily just transfer over to XBOX LIVE. (I'm finnally buy 1 this week, after all the PSN problems)

trancefreak2775d ago

pay pal would be very nice i agree. I love the dashboard the way it is. Always alot of content flowing when you log in.

ArmrdChaos2775d ago

I am curious to see if the Paypal support will allow another payment option everywhere in Marketplace and not just specific areas (aka Zune).

Bnet3432775d ago

Paypal is excellent addition. An actually useful feature in my opinion since I took off my credit card info a while ago. Well done.