Activision Blizzard announces new Call of Duty online game for China

The company said in its earnings release today it will launch a Call of Duty online micr0-transaction game for players in China. That's a big deal since it marks the first move to launch Call of Duty as a free-to-play game in Asian markets, where users prefer to play a game for free and pay real money in small amounts for virtual goods.

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TXIDarkAvenger2773d ago

I wouldn't buy this but I'm curious, why only China? wouldn't it sell possibly more in NA?

Pandamobile2773d ago

No. The Asian microtransaction market is WAY larger than NA or EU's.

DeadlyFire2772d ago

Its a testing ground is all. Its such a big market they know someone will eat it up. Crytek is doing the same thing as well as other global companies. Its kinda like a gold rush move right now for companies to put something out there in this market. Even THQ has Smackdown Vs. Raw Online being released soon in this market.

Its a positive thing if it does well in this market. Depending on how well could easily set the bar for likeliness it gets a US/EU version.

BlueRevolvuR2773d ago

China is still a large potential market for videogames. If Activision can make something simple, quick, and addictive, they'll make tons of profit, and possibly have a COD effect in China. They want to hook them like Lindsay Lohan on crack.