Battlefield 3 to Have 'Aggressive' Marketing Campaign to Reach Mainstream Audience

Several weeks ago, we witnessed the first Battlefield 3 TV spots during prime time, at least six or seven months in advance of the game's actual launch. EA's very serious about taking the shooter category back from Activision, and the publisher expects to go toe-to-toe in a heavyweight fight this fall with Call of Duty. We were certainly surprised to see television ads as early as we did, however. IndustryGamers recently discussed the marketing approach with Lincoln Hirshberger, Senior Director of Marketing on Battlefield 3.

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M-Easy2780d ago

Good, On one hand I would love to see Battlefield take the crown from COD. On the other hand that means the COD campers and kiddies will be playing the same game as me. The lessor of the evils is for Battlefield to reign supreme.

VersusEM2780d ago

This is what I'm talking about, kick COD's ass.