TGH: Out This Week: 5/8-5/14

TGH writes: It has been a few weeks since gamers were more excited than they have been for this week. This week marks the release of Lego POTC, MX vs ATV Alive as well as the highly anticipated Brink. Let’s take a gander into what everyone can expect this week

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ShadyDevil2780d ago

I can't wait for Brink the game looks amazing.

GuruStarr782780d ago

Dream trigger for me. Sending my copy of Brink back to amazon....looks like shite. There really is'nt a campaign and its seems like its more of a multiplayer game only....... I hope you did'nt buy it for PS3, if so, you're not going to be playing much of a game, 'cept for the bots.

Another Yugioh game?!! WTF. People that buy those should get slapped in the face by the cashier or punched by the postman who delivers it.