Would You Stick With Sony if the PSN Went Down Again?

DualShockers writes: Millions upon millions of PS3 owners are more than frustrated with the current PSN situation. It sure doesn’t help when Sony doesn’t even know when their servers will be back online either. What’s more the PSN was supposed to be back up late last week but that didn’t happen. Needless to say PS3 gamers are not happy right now even if this event isn’t entirely Sony’s fault. But what if this happens again in the future? Let’s say the PSN comes back online whenever it does and six months later…it goes down because of another hacker problem. Would you stick with Sony and your PS3?

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Joni-Ice2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Yes I would. Remember people, its not like PSN went down because the server keeps crashing. If PSN go's down again Im pretty sure it would be a good reason for it.

GOODKyle2780d ago

Sir, I would give you a hug if I could.

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Godmars2902780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Given that I'm more into SP titles, have a 60GB BC model, PSN down isn't such a major issue I'd sell my system, but I'm sure as heck aren't going to start hugging fellow PS3 owners for staying with the thing.

I'm a PS3 who "likes" the system. I'm not devoted to it. Lost bubbles because I have a habit of saying such to Xbox owners.

NukaCola2780d ago

The only reason that I would 'leave' Sony, is if they abandoned the heart of what they are. Games with depth and story. And since Sony is the only ones who continue to provide epic cinematic single player experiences like Uncharted 3, inFAMOUS 2, Last Gaurdian, etc. I think I will stick with them. Plus the PSN has never crashed. This was a hack that took almost 5 years for some ass clowns to pull off, and I highly doubt that Sony will allow this to ever happen again.

FACTUAL evidence2780d ago

I would stick with them, but Sony is really getting to my breaking point...not even because of this whole psn down ordeal. It's psn in general. They have til the launch of uc3 with me anyways.....I'm hoping for at least a online ID change feature..if not I won't really support the ps3 anymore.

If they don't shape up I'm only buying exclusives on my ps3, and I'll be skeptic about buying those...besides I need to start getting stuff for my 360 again.

M-Easy2780d ago

Hugging aside I'm sticking with Sony until I stop gaming altogether. Plus its not like they did this to themselves.

MaximusPrime2780d ago


well said.

im increasing your bubbles.

Big-Boss2779d ago

can u give me a hug. i know im old but.....

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iamnsuperman2780d ago

Yep. Not sure what these articles are trying to achieve. I love the exclusives and that is why I went with Sony and the PS3

GOODKyle2780d ago

I want this article to achieve a level where people will look past the online portion of the PS3 and hope that people will realize the roots of gaming.

movements2780d ago

Well said, Joni-Ice. Well said indeed.

Crazyglues2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

You know let's be honest for a second... and this is IMO

I'm a gamer and I love PS3 but let's keep it real... We Gamers are like druggies.. were hooked, and we need our Online Gaming...(Hell these companies have been telling us for years online gaming is where it's at.. and now were hooked) -be honest..

If I told you PSN will be down for the next 3 months then you will probably go play Xbox 360, or if you don't have one, then maybe you buy one.

I mean there is a limit to how much we can take as gamers, hell I want to play right now. Would love to go online and Murder in some Crysis 2, or catch up with friends on Battlefield 2 or even some Black Ops..

To be honest this down time was ok at first, now it's just getting brutal... I know it's crazy but I love gaming online.. Talking smack and having fun with good friends who I only know Online...

Sucks right now.. So yeah I'm not Leaving right now, but if it goes down again, that IMO.. would be a big mistake..

Getting right this time, if anything take a little longer to get it right, but don't bring it down again...

You don't want people to start feeling like you can't be sure that the Network is reliable..

I mean just think if a really amazing game was out like Battlefield 3 or Uncharted 3 and you were dying to play a little online and the network is down.. People will start to jump ship...

The Network has to be reliable it's part of Gaming, it's why sometimes I buy a game just for the Multi-player...


Joni-Ice2780d ago

@ be honest thats your opinion. You use the term "We Gamers" as if your speaking for everyone. Speak 4 yourself. If Sony told me the network would be down for 3 weeks, hell yeah I would be pissed. I have 3 PS3's and over 250 games but at the end of day if those hackers didnt hack into Sony servers then we wonuldn't be having this conversation. I wouldnt be mad at Sony and I wouldnt go out and buy another 360 which would be my 5th 360 because the other 4 I had broke. But I will say Sony needs to keep us informed daily of the PSN progress. I hope to hear something on the Blog today.

M-Easy2780d ago

What you say is true to an extent. I have a 360 but I will never pay M$ to allow me to access the internet I already pay for. Never, never will I pay for Live. Hell I'd buy a gaming CPU and get Steam if it was that important.

DaReapa2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

"You know let's be honest for a second... and this is IMO

I'm a gamer and I love PS3 but let's keep it real... We Gamers are like druggies.. were hooked, and we need our Online Gaming...(Hell these companies have been telling us for years online gaming is where it's at.. and now were hooked) -be honest.. "

I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you....

...I could give 2 sh*ts about online gaming in the sense that you put it. Granted, I enjoy it with certain games, but it's far from the be-all, end-all of gaming.

Crazyglues2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@ DaReapa

yeah it's not going to be everybody... and I agree not everyone is hooked on Online.. but for me it's really important -and I did say IMO... -to me and I'm sure a lot of gamers maybe not you, but I would not have got half of these games if there was no Online.

I mean most of these games I bought just because of Online -Crysis 2, Battlefield 2, Black Ops...(So hell yeah I want my Online)

If they didn't have Online I would have never even bought most of these games...

Does that mean chuck my PS3 since the network is down, of course not, but the longer it is stays down, you start to do something, so you don't buy an 360 maybe you build that PC or do PC gaming, but sooner or later you do start to do something.. (if you were a serious online gamer) ..that's all I'm saying

Me I have to wait it out, because yeah I'll never go back to Paying for online on 360 -but my crazy friends are already talking about, do we do black ops on 360...?

Of course most of my friends have both consoles, So it's not a big deal.. but yeah of course this downtime is hurting Sony..

So I'm just saying if it goes down again that would be bad..
-That's all I'm saying


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Ricco-Warrior2780d ago

yes because i can't live without my fluffy ps3

kulex472780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@Joni Ice
stupid mouse bumped over and made me click disagree but I actually agree, so discount one of the disagrees, you got a bubble

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Kran2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

The thing is, what did hackers aim to achieve to bring down the PSN? P*** off millions of people around the world?

It did not help AT ALL for them to get what they wanted, and it never will.

Shadow Flare2780d ago

Obviously they have nothing better to do

Crazyglues2780d ago

@ kran

It may seem like that but the hackers were not trying to bring the network down.. It's the last thing they wanted, their plan was to breach the network and steal credit card info, without getting caught..

The hackers always want to get in without a trace, it was Sony that busted the breach and decided to shut down the network to prevent further information from being stolen..

and sadly when you find out how the info was being stolen it's not always an easy fix. they first had to spend time finding out how it happened.. then fixing it is most likely forcing them to write the entire code all over


Loner2780d ago

This question is being asked on N4ps3G

Joni-Ice2780d ago

Its funny how people use their 1 bubble to say something immature.

Crystallis2780d ago

And hes labled as trolling in almost every comment he makes. You'd figure he would get tired of it.

On topic: I think Nucacola said it best. I love all sony products but Sony knows what got them here on their playstation brand and they know what their fanbase expects, "CORE TITLES", and this is the main reason I love the playstation brand.

Big-Boss2779d ago

yeah LOL his name is loner aswell

Kran2780d ago

To be fair, he is right.

Just look at how many people disagreed with him.

Im not dissing gamers, and no doubt he's trolling, but he does slightly have a point.

MaximusPrime2780d ago

yea. Sony has the best collection of games and many more fantastic games to come.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

If it was down for the lenght it is now, then No, i would probably give up on Sony being able to stop hackers, therefore i wouldnt keep the PS3 as my primary console or multiplayer based console.

BUT i would deffinitely keep my PS3, since all or most of the best single player games are on the PS3.

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