How Good is Uncharted 2? Well, Find out for only $20 - Greatest Game Gets Greatest Price Yet

Uncharted 3 has been making headline gaming news all year, but before Uncharted 3 you must experience Uncharted 2 to really understand what all this hype is all about. Right now you can experience it for only $20, the lowest price for the Greatest game in existence! This is the Game of the Year Edition fo the Game, which means that it comes with over $35 of additional content.

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M-Easy2775d ago

its good, its really darn good. But you already knew that.

NobleGamer2775d ago

Must have game this generation. This game just literally blew me away in all angles. It doesn't matter if you are a Xbox 360 or a PS3 gamer, this is a must play game for gamers in general.

Still time to catch up, Play both Uncharteds and be ready for Uncharted 3 :D

M-Easy2775d ago

You know as much as I loved Uncharted 2, I played Uncharted: DF more. That game was just a technical masterpiece in 2007. I played through DF 4 or 5 times, while I only played thorough U2 2 or 3 times.

stevenhiggster2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

@M-Easy, I have to agree with you there. I absolutely love UC2 and totally appreciate that technicaly it is far superior to the first game. But I just loved the first game so much more, I've re-played it umpteen times, whereas I've only replayed the second 2-3 times.

LOGICWINS2775d ago

Yeah, I recommend that people try this out. The SP is really good, MP gets boring after a while though.

YoungMoney2775d ago

Greatest game is the damn truth... I can only imagine what Uncharted 3 will do to change gaming.

bwazy2775d ago

Who owns a PS3 and hasn't played the Uncharted series? I mean REALLY!

Awesome game, definitely in my top 10 list. I'd rebuy it if I didnt platinum it and get burnt out on the MP.

JBaby3432775d ago

Honestly it is one of the best series on the PS3. The quality of the games is top-notch so there really is no excuse not to have played them. Both games are just a great experience and the 3rd looks to continue in the same footsteps.

iamnsuperman2775d ago

In a way I only got it because of boredem and I had some money. I am glad though it was amazing. Might try out the first one

joydestroy2775d ago

a co-worker of mine sadly. told him about the deal and he still won't bite.

it's an amazing franchise and if you haven't played either, you're seriously missing out

Eyeco2775d ago

well there are 50 million PS3 owners and only 4 million have played the beast that is Uncharted 2

metsgaming2775d ago

if you own a ps3 and dont have uncharted 1 and 2 you should really sell it to someone who will appreciate it more.

NateCole2775d ago

I think a lot of COD players haven't

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Uncharted3Goty2775d ago

truly a masterpiece that deserves the price

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The story is too old to be commented.