Brink TV Launches May 10th -GamerGaia

Splash Damage's Brink launches this week and is going to be accompanied by a service that will allow gamers to tune in, watch, listen, and participate in the highly anticipated game. The team behind Quake Live TV and Games Cast TV is behind the wheel of this new community, so it is sure to be entertaining.

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AngelicIceDiamond2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Bethesda is really trying to launch this game, I'm on board I hope its anticipated as they say it is and sells allot.

antz11042659d ago

Just checked amazon and my game just shipped. Think Im taking Wednesday off, lol.

Tripl3seis2659d ago

going to the midnite lunch my local gaming store is having one yea man cant wait!!!!!!