THQ Will Take Huge Hit Due to PSN Outage

THQ has been talking up their pricing experiment for some time which involves a lower price point but more DLC. Due to the PSN outage the idea is about to backfire.

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green2777d ago

I was really interested in seeing how this pricing strategy would turn out for THQ. Too bad for THQ.

Quagmire2777d ago

All developers should follow the same strategy IMO. I hate this new Online Pass BS.

Games should be released at a cheaper price, say $40USD on release, and then if people want to buy onlince, they can do so, and then have that online unlock LOCKED to the disc itself, and not to an account or console, that way you can then resell it with the online code, or lend it to friend or family.

Falaut2777d ago

You have these pricing models on PC...except that the base game is free. Hmmmmm, for the most part I like THQ and what they have brought to the table and how respectful they are of the Warhammer IP...but not this.

AngelicIceDiamond2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Very Dark times for sony and THQ EA and other devs. People don't really understand in this day in age. "OR" or Online Revenue is very important they need it sony needs it Microsoft needs it devs especially need it everyone needs it.

M-Easy2777d ago

Well after Homefront I have no sympathy THQ.

Max_Dissatisfaction2777d ago

You people will always find an excuse. Whether its Capcom, THQ or whatever next publisher speaks out about losing money, you will find a reason why they deserve it.

M-Easy2777d ago

Have you played Homefront? And what do you mean "you people"?

creatchee2777d ago


Have YOU played Homefront?

It has some of the most fresh and addictive multiplayer that the FPS genre has seen in a long time. The single player campaign was a bit short, but you more than get your money's worth out of multiplayer if you give it a chance.

M-Easy2777d ago


I played and platinumed Homefront. One of the worst trophy whoring experiences of my life. Oh and in case you don't believe me.


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