Nintendo Power scans – Zelda 3DS, Tales of the Abyss, 3DS Expert User’s Guide, first Crush 3D screen

Check out new scans from the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

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boogeyman9992779d ago

Yea yea yea everyone wants Zelda.

Lyr1c2779d ago

I'm not excited for any of the remakes (other than ToA), but that's just me.

A lot of people think otherwise, which is also respectable.

Jio2779d ago

What about the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake?

Lyr1c2779d ago

I'm not necessarily excited for it because I've played it before.

That doesn't mean I won't end up purchasing it xD

Yangus2779d ago

No,everyone wants MORE FPS!!

Too many"Zelda"game..... and cool JRPG's...


Venox20082779d ago

crush 3D looks good :) I know that it's a good logical puzzle + use of 3D

Qdog2779d ago

I wish Ninty would announce the release date of the eshop already. I am on the line whether or not to sell my 3DS... I am tired of waiting for features that should have released with the system.