5 Games That Ripped Off Other Games

GS: Pretty much every game released nowdays borrows little parts from other games. The games on this list however, not only borrow little parts, but nearly everything from another game. Here are the Top 5 Games That Copied Other Games.

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Sanii2773d ago

God of War - Dante's Inferno

Rybakov2773d ago

god of war ripped off Devil may cry

user83971442773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Hell no! Devil may cry dont have all the gore and awesome bosses like GoW. Devil may cry is good but GOW is on another level. Every hack and slash are compared to GOW so it seems like GOW should be on its own genre. Oh and I forgot the best of all it have Kratos!

BiggCMan2773d ago

HAHA, no it didn't. Bayonetta ripped off Devil May Cry, in fact it was a carbon copy of it.

Silly gameAr2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

God of War and Devil May Cry couldn't be any more different from each other. They're both 3rd person action games and that's where their similarities end.

J-Killer152773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

David Jaffe even said DMC had a huge influence on GOW when the first one was in development lol. Saying it ripped off DMC is a little too strong though

zeal0us2773d ago

wheres gameloft they rip off just about everything
modern combat-modern warfare
order and chaos-wow
asphalt-need for speed
they are even making a starcraft ripoff and uncharted but i forgot their names.

Nitrowolf22773d ago

Not a ripoff but an influence on the game. When you compare these two games there is a huge difference, even in gameplay aspect. Never considered them remotely the same. Bayonneta is a carbon copy of DMC, and Dante Inferno is a carbon copy of God of war.

hiredhelp2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

OMG you all fallen for this. wow
you do know if everygame had to be 100% differnt we hardly have any games.

you know how hard it is seriously. if you want to play this was a rip off of that then maybe you need to go back several generations look at what was unfolding back then.

or for thoes younger ones that had megadrive.
example mortal kombat or street fighter.
you didnt complain back then.

og by the way danties inferno better than god of war. lol go back play god of war 1 look at the realese date and look at danties inferno look at that realese date try say that again.

SCW19822773d ago

Someone doesn't know what they are talking about. How old are you 14 I am guessing with a statement like that.

Vherostar2773d ago

NHL 11 NHL 2K11 definitely a ripoff LOL *if sarcasm is lost on you go away please*

SCW19822773d ago

How can bayonnetta be a rip off when it was made by the same guy?

Killzone3___2773d ago

played them all , all are amazing , each have it's own gameplay , you all stop being fanboys...

i prefer god of war 3 but i can't decide which one is better between devil and Bayonetta because devil may cry have a simple gameplay with alots of moves and not really fast i like this type of gameplay but Bayonetta still amazing but i felt it's for girls XD .... all great , the winner who played them all , you people have to get over your selfs , acting like fanboys will not give you anything , just have fun that's the real gamer ..

specialguest2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

God of War copied Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.


Castlevania Lament of Innocence released during 2003

GOW released 2005

Both games uses the same chain-based weapon, double jump, and similarly flashy and smooth attacks that could change direction in the middle of a combo. Except Castlevania did it first.

awi59512772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

God of war ripped off mark of Kri big time.

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Rybakov2773d ago

lawlz devil may cry came out first then a year later so did god of war total rip off

and god of war is just a half naked man running around so stupid

user83971442773d ago

And Dante is a female looking man with white hair.

Rynx2773d ago

-Ah ha ha

He didn't disappoint did he audience? Well that concludes tonights episode of...
*Holds out microphone to the crowd*
*They yell*

"When you don't own a PS3"

Tune in next time when we have yet another non-ps3 owner make statement on a PS3 exclusive.

Ducky2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

^ Wasn't DMC an exclusive too? O.o

We're talking about PS2 games anyways. Not sure why owning a PS3 would make a difference. =/

caseh2773d ago

Guitar Hero/RockBand are rip offs from Konami's Guitar Freaks which came about well over 10 years ago.

Most gamers are suckers for commercial bullsh*t though so Guitar Freaks vanished into the pit of nothingness while Guitar Hero grew like a fat kid snorting bigmacs.

Sanii2773d ago

a fat kid snorting big macs? Lol.

tdrules2773d ago

Yet Rock Band and Guitar Hero are much better games with huge tracklistings.

caseh2773d ago


Thats your opinion, my opinion is I got far more joy from playing Guitar Freaks many many years ago and I saw Guitar Hero for what it is... Activisions commercial cash cow, but its looking kind of scabby now as they keep squeezing the same old sh*t out of its udders and I fear its journeys end is nigh.

Zashule2773d ago

"I fear its journeys end is nigh."

Yeah... little behind there. GH got cut a few months back. But it was for the reasons you stated.

Corrwin2773d ago

Hey look! That game has a burning-down level, it must have copied that other game that has a burning-down level.

That game has guns, and must have copied that other game with guns!

That game is an open world crime story! It must have copied that other open world crime story!

Who cares as long as they do it better?

BrianG2773d ago

Good point,

Gears of war copied Killswitch, but I'm sure Gears of War is a much smoother experience and better experience overall.

Just as long as the game is better, or improves on a key aspect of the gameplay than its fine with me.

BlackKnight2773d ago

Well the exec producer from Killswitch went to Epic games, soooo that's why you see the cover system.

kneon2773d ago

It's really difficult to create a truly original game. Unfortunately I know this first hand as that is what my manager has asked me to do :(

Unless you come up with a completely new genre of game there are always going to be similarities to some previous games.

Orionsangel2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I mean yeah Uncharted ripped from Tomb Raider, but then again so many games did, you gotta remember in 1996 Tomb Raider stood alone, unless you count Mario64. Tomb Raider was the only third person, exploration, 3D puzzle platform solving, shooting game around at the time.

Since then games like Sands of Time, God of War to name a few, have borrowed from it. The puzzle solving elements in third person especially. The way you must solve a puzzle to proceed or reveal treasure or an artifact. While these games are better than Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider should be honored for paving the way for these games, rather than disregarded as just a T&A game.

byeGollum2773d ago

Who Cares? I don't lol.

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