The Stupidest Decisions Ever Made in Video Game History

Gameplay Today runs down the "stupidest" decisions and choices made by videogame companies - from Atari to Microsoft.

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vgn242629d ago

Atari could have had the Nintendo Entertainment System? That is monumentally stupid! Now, instead of being one of the big and iconic hardware companies, they're just a renamed Infogrames publisher. Dumb

caseh2629d ago

Oh it gets better than that, Nintendo almost had the PS1 effectively.

I can't remember the story exactly but i think they asked Sony to create the CD unit they had planned for the SNES. Nintendo dropped it, the technology went towards creatng the PS1.

Bah I can't remember it exactly but its along those lines :D

jonlynch2629d ago

Sony wanted all the royalties to the CD games. Nintendo made the right decision.

White-Sharingan2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

"Sony wanted all the royalties to the CD games. Nintendo made the right decision."

It's not like Nintendo received much money from selling N64's and GCN's anyways, lulz

DeadIIIRed2629d ago

Yeah, the right choice for Sony

GunShotEddy2629d ago

Everyone makes mistakes, but those are some record-breaking boners.

VG_Releaser2629d ago

what? All the DC games could have been on Xbox? Freaking greedy MS.

NobleGamer2629d ago

Wow, I didn't know Xbox could of had full backward compatibility with Dreamcast games, that would have been great.

Also imagine if Nintendo and Sony teamed up back in the days..Now look what happen, they went on to make the biggest contender to this day know as the Playstation brand.

Original Playstation annilated N64 to a absurd doom. Even though N64 had some great games.

Sony3602629d ago

How does having less titles make them greedy?

Loner2629d ago ShowReplies(1)
jonlynch2629d ago

The entire world of gaming would have been different if just one or two of those choices made were different. Love the Atari Entertainment System btw.

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The story is too old to be commented.