PS3 Was Alien Technology – Brink Developer

Brink’s developer, Splash Damage, has stated the PlayStation 3 was alien technology to them.

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DrFUD2780d ago

Didn't Splash Damage handle the PS3 version of a Quake Wars game already?

soundslike2780d ago

Neither ports of the original PC version were handled by them.

Both xbox and 360 had those rent-a-dev style companies, which is why they sucked on consoles..

Active Reload2780d ago

I think this game has an offline campaign mode with bots thats the same as the online portion. So people won't really be hurt if they buy it, seeing as though you can still get the Trophies. I'm almost certain of this...

Commander_TK2780d ago

What do u guys think of this game? I might get it

neogeo2780d ago


Bubble up for "rent-a-dev style companies"
that made me lol. also so true!

frostbite062780d ago

"Both xbox and 360"

That made me lol

BattleAxe2780d ago

The Roswell Incident played a big role in the technological development of the PS3.

Rainstorm812780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@active reload

I wish it had a more SP or CO-op oriented campaign.....The "SP" feels like Unreal Tournaments SP

Im really eager to see what reviewers think of the SP....but the game is a solid 8-8.5 to me

2779d ago
palaeomerus2779d ago

Alien technology that's substantially less powerful than a mid line pc? LOL.

2779d ago
Bnet3432779d ago

You guys should give BattleAxe bubbles for being funny. *wipe tears*

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maawdawg2780d ago

Quake Wars for consoles wasn't made by SD, they were ported by other devs.

Nerve made the 360 version and Z-Axis made the PS3 version, Activision published both.

Bnet3432779d ago

When I clicked that link, I couldn't stop laughing when I read this:

"Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars™, the team-based first person action title, and already one of the most anticipated new properties of 2007 is coming to next-gen platforms."

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Game sucked balls.

pocketaces112780d ago

Why do other developers not say things like this anymore obviously they have learned to deal and probably benefited. I hate this half quoted articles just to start wars. Was it alien and hard to work on, was it alien but a cool challenge. Don't just quote part of a friggin discussion and if this is as far as the interview went then the interviewer is a tool and should have asked more questions. This just looks bad for brink developers for no reason. I'm sure by the look of the game they have taken lots of pride in what they created here. Which in tern will also mean a lot of pride in making it good on all platforms... I hope

HardCover2780d ago

They link you right to the interview...

If you really want to read it, go read it.

Istanbull2780d ago

PS3 is still alien technology, Uncharted 3 will make a smiley on your faces :)

kaveti66162780d ago

They didn't mean "alien" as a compliment.

Blaine2780d ago


Really? You got that from the extensive interview in the article, right? Maybe we read a different story, because the one I read gave absolutely no clue whether the dev meant it as a good or bad thing.

Either way, I do find the comment worrying. Since most (all?) reviews are based off the 360 version because PSN is still offline, we have no idea whether SD did a good job with the PS3 version.

Rikan2780d ago

Alien to who? Mormons? The Omish? The guts of the the PS3 and 360 are aged and underpowered by today's standards. Heck, the Cell was out done by common off-the-shelf desktop CPUs not 6 months after its launch. Where do these delusions come from lol...

50Terabytespersec2779d ago

And Rikan (you ignorant PC clone boy) what kind of off the shelf money do you have that can pay for piracy protection on (so called off shelf PC's) and pay for large inhouse dev teams to dev high poly models and stages and games,for a game of UC calibur or GT5 or better yet GOW3 for a PC platform???? None!!!
Stick with PS3 and get massive worlds of gaming on BLu-ray and SLI level gaming, at fraction of cost an god forbid not just First person games.

All that horse power but no one to build any Courses or roads to drive on!! PC tech for you pirate ridden all major dev teams jumping ship PC tech..R.I.P

2779d ago
kaveti66162779d ago

In the development business, when someone says the hardware development kit is alien to them, they don't mean it in a positive way. Would you?

"Oh, yeah. It was so wonderful to go out of our way to learn this new way of developing. It's not more powerful than a conventional PC, but we can still delude ourselves into believing that its tedious architecture is the reason behind its power."

The PS3 is not powerful because of its architecture, so saying that its alien to them is their way of saying that they didn't know, initially, how to use it.

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XRider2780d ago

Splash Damage = PC

Consoles are just a weekend port to them.

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IGAMEHARD2780d ago

alien technology makes me think the ps3 version will be inferior

darx2780d ago

Agree, with PSN down and those remarks I may have to Xbox on this one.

Washington-Capitals2780d ago

What he really is trying to say is "even though we are developing this game for three platforms, the ps3 version will suck cause we dont know how to code on it. But please, hopefully that wont stop you from buying it on ps3."

Active Reload2780d ago


If your paranoia suggests anything, I hope this dev cut it's cost on that platform.

Kleptic2780d ago

^^agreed...The PS3 is nearly 5 years old now...

that shouldn't be 'alien' to any quality developer...

TheDareDevil2780d ago

But this is their first game on consoles.And we all know that developing games for the Xbox is similar to PC,and PS3's are InFamous for being hard to develop.

IGAMEHARD2780d ago Show
-Alpha2780d ago


That's not true.

Like DareDevil said, they are new to the console in general, so to expect them to have the experience of say, Insomniac or Rockstar is a little too much.

Kleptic2780d ago

^^I'm not 'expecting' anything...I'm just saying that regardless of what platforms they have worked on, they should still not find the architecture of the PS3 as all that ridiculous...

valve's first PS3 was Portal 2...and it was great...IW's first experience with the PS3 for cod 4 was 'not overly challenging at all'...these are good developers...that was my point...the developers that are all 'holy fack it makez no s3NSE!' when it comes to the PS3 usually release mediocre if anything, i'm worried a little thats all...

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BrutallyBlunt2780d ago

I think Sony will change directions with the next Playstation. There's no need in making proprietary systems like this anymore that forced developers to re-learn. Sure it made sense when the previous platforms had total control of the market but not now. You can still have powerful hardware and make it developer friendly.

dragon822780d ago

Actually it is more likely that they will keep the current achitecture but use a more powerful Cell. First party devs don't seem to have any troubles developing for the Cell. It's up to third party devs to play catch-up if they want keep up.

xAlmostPro2780d ago

They already have with the NGP :) I mean the ps3 is a mighty system with some powerful processors, fact is though it costs money and time to fully master the system like 1st party studios do.

Which causes lazyness, most multi-plat developers would rather not make the game the best it can be and put it out faster with an inferior version.

between game releases they should just contact devs like naughty dog who are always open to give pointers.

KDubyah2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

If I'm not mistaken, Sony taught their developers how to develop for PS3.
If they didn't, they at least helped them when ever they asked for help.
I'm not so sure that Sony would help every 3rd party developer, though.

Ju2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I still think that Sony wants to have the "techologoical" advantage. Even just to keep face. Guess that's why the NGP runs a Quad when nobody else is (tablets will catch up fast, but no gaming handheld does).

A next PlayStation could have a cell - or a massive Arm core (I guess it'll be some sort of ARM based device - scalable with NGP).

Cell would be nice if they can scale this nicely. I even think developers would love to see a C programmable vector monster which can beat out a current GPU. But it is very unlikely such a thing will be built. Writing shaders in C++ and actually debug them that way is awesome - but until then shader tools will probably offsetting these issues anyhow.

Cell was necessary at the point in time when it was invented because off the shelve tech was not foreseeable at the time. Today, this is a different story. One year after Wii2 would possibly not justify a custom design any more.

swinesucker2780d ago

Possible. I think it's unlikely. The Cell is the only thing keeping the PS3 above the other consoles. An easier to program for Cell with a Tony the Tiger GREAT SDK would do wonders for people. Remember they already have a ton of devs who know how to program for it. We don't need ND type talent to program every game we just need a system capable of 1080p from any random Dev. I think you go Cell bigger and have more BC. Well, I can hope.

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Motorola2780d ago

Game development is in the past. So when they started working on the game the PS3 was alien technology. The PS3 version probably wont be as good as the 360 version. Sucks cuz i really wanted it on PS3

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Uncharted3Goty2780d ago

i am sure thats what valve thought when they made orange box but then they came back with portal 2 ps3 being the lead platform and working great when developers have team working with the technology they will find out thats its not hard working with the technology

Seijoru2780d ago

Valve didn't even do orange box on PS3. They left it to some random company to do it.

rockleex2780d ago

Valve did not port Orange Box to PS3, EA did.

Portal 2 is their first time working with the PS3, and they did MUCH better than other developers.

kyl2772780d ago

PS3 was NOT portal 2's lead platform, I can't believe you have agrees.

Uncharted3Goty2780d ago

@ kyl277 my comment about leading platform was about console of course PC was leading console but i was saying instad of being PC xbox ps3 it was ps3 instead of xbox.

ziggurcat2780d ago

based on those remarks, i will not be buying this game.

antz11042780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@ ziggurcat and Ceekay below:

Your loss guys, this game is going to be awesome.

ziggurcat2780d ago

believe me - i don't doubt the quality of the game, in general, but when the devs essentially say that they were dumbfounded by how the PS3 works it doesn't instill a lot of confidence to purchase the title for the PS3.

i'll read reviews later on, but if i see reports of it being a buggy mess for PS3, i won't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

No Way2780d ago

What is your deal? lol. It's not old news PS3 is hard to develop for.
Every publisher that develops for the PS3 the first time, has trouble.
Does it mean that the product is going to suck? Absolutely not.

Even your favorite developer had trouble first developing for the PS3 ..

dead_eye2780d ago

I'm gonna buy it and if it is a buggy mess then I'll trade it in. It'll work out the same price as renting and I get bonus points.

I really hope it isn't a mess. Been looking forward to this for ages

MWong2780d ago

I could swear they made this comment months ago.