Pikmin 3 Coming to the 3DS?

"No, it hasn’t been announced yet, but there are strong hints that Pikmin 3 will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS before too long. Let’s take a look at some of them."- ChaingunPope

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TheStonedSheep2511d ago

It certainly seems plausible.

BiggCMan2511d ago

Yea I think so as well. I would love to see Pikmin 3 man, those games were loads of fun all those years ago, and good reason to own a Gamecube. If this new Nintendo console is real, than perhaps it would be better to release it on that?

Nicodumas2511d ago

It would only fit. Nintendo always seems to do this kind of thing. Here is to hoping we get another good game, and not just a 3D Pikmin tech-demo

christheredhead2511d ago

i hope pikmin 3 comes to wii instead. i would much rather use the wii motion setup than a 1 d-pad setup.

kingdavid2511d ago

stylus could work well.

christheredhead2511d ago

actually yah thats true. i didnt really think about the stylus setup. i would still much rather prefer to use a wiimote and play on my tv but it would be pretty cool on the 3ds.

Imp0ssibl32511d ago

I agree. Stylus controls would be perfect for this kind of game!

maxcavsm2511d ago

Holy crap, really? Finally, a reason to get a 3DS!

PygmelionHunter2511d ago

I couldn't care what console it comes out on (unless it's the DS), so give me a freaking trailer and a release date already!