Ready at Dawn Developing Okami Wii

"The development team behind God of War: Chains of Olympus and Daxter, will be bringing Capcom's Okami to the Wii.

"In accordance with our tradition of only working on games we'd like to play, we're proud to announce that we are taking after Clover Studio to bring this incredible game to the platform it was always meant to be on in the first place," Ready at Dawn said. "A second team here at Ready At Dawn is hard at work making this happen. Imagine controlling the celestial brush with your Wii-mote… Can't wait to show it to everyone."

Scheduled to release next spring, Okami is a title that many are saying was made for the Wii. Okami will be the first Wii title made by Ready at Dawn who will be taking over for former Okami developer, Clover Studio.

Clover Studio was dissolved by Capcom in 2006 the release of God Hand. All properties made by the studio are currently in Capcom's hands with the future release of Okami being Capcom's first Clover release without the studio. "

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DrPirate4050d ago

Having owned Daxter and the GoW:COO demo, Wii owners are very lucky. These guys are top notch developers.

Rooftrellen4050d ago

The Wii has needed some top notch people working on its games.

This, Monster hunter 3, and a few others seem to be indicating a change in how games going to the Wii are handled, giving them to the best people, not some people who are just learning.

Of course, this leads to increased expectations of what a game should be, too.

cooke154050d ago

2008 is Wii's year to shine. 2007 was just a bunch of bandwagon games.