Relentless 'open doors' to ex-Black Rock, "gutted" over news

Buzz developer Relentless Software is holding an open session for former Black Rock Studios to attend, with over 100 positions expected made redundant.

Relentless are part of Brighton's "development community" and so were "gutted" about Disney's decision to lay off staff. They want them to "meet the team".

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KyRo2691d ago


I guess there goes my hope of ever having a Split Second 2 :(

hiredhelp2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Why you say that.. They may hold the liscense still.
Anyways awsome news i hope they take on the team and to see brighter future . As split second was by no means shit. Beat that crappy blur game hands down. Ill be watching this space.