Analysts: September PS3 sales 'dismal'

Reaction to NPD report finds industry watchers sullen about Sony's console; Halo 3 accused of cannibalizing sales.

"The most curious result was that all other games severely underperformed the prediction market's expectations, indicating that Halo 3 had a substantial negative effect on other major titles across the board," Jesse Divnich said. "Games that were especially impacted were the Xbox 360 games Stranglehold, BioShock, and Madden NFL 08."

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Bonsai12144072d ago

september was a pretty dry month for ps3 sales. the anticipation of halo 3 would obviously overshadow anything positive for ps3. no arguments that september was bad.

however, i can't wait to see october sales though. the price cuts and high profile releases should buoy ps3 sales. heck, like 3 days after the price cut went official, sales jumped 700%...

Dannagar4072d ago

PS3 sales will probably be poor in October as well (in North America). The Price drop for PS3 and the new 40 Gig system don't take effect until November 2nd. Meaning that those that are interested in PS3 will likely wait until November. So for PS3 fans, November is the Month to watch.

Panthers4072d ago

I dont think dismal is the right word. It sold over 100k which is better than it was doing.

ruibing4072d ago

If the PS3 has a sale increase in October for North America, it would be from the 80GB price drop and how they finally matched prices for Canada. It happened in the second half of the month, so I think them momentum will continue into November when the 40GB comes out. Great time to be a gamer.

Razzy4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

"The Price drop for PS3 and the new 40 Gig system don't take effect until November 2nd"

The price drop for the 80gb is effective immediately, not Nov 2nd. Nov 2nd is when the 40gb launches.

Also, in Canada Futurshop is selling the 60gb fo $479.99. 20 bucks less than the 80.

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PS3n3604072d ago

Halo 3 got less than 10 hours of my time. 7 hours for campaing and a few MP matches. I am so bored of it already and went back to gears of war cause it is simply a much better game. Its too bad that much better games got fallout from the halo hype machine. I hear it alot online in gears that people are dissappointed in halo 3.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4072d ago

thats to bad you feel that ways but the millions of people that play the game will disagree

Close_Second4072d ago

...I only played Halo 3 for about 10 hours or so. The multiplayer however was a superb example of how on-line console gaming should be however, it just is not my style of multiplayer gaming.

Gears of War - well, same for me I'm afraid. The on-line gaming aspect was not my cup of tea either and so I sold it after a couple of days.

The true king of on-line console gaming will be released when COD4 finally hits the shelves. It is in my opinion brilliant and it eclipses GOW and H3 multiplayer in terms of graphics and playability.

jiggyjay4072d ago

You guys should play Heavenly Sword.. I heard it was really long!

ActionBastard4072d ago

As long as Gears and the Halo 3 campaign were...

ruibing4072d ago

He has a right to his opinion about the game jeez. I play RPGs mostly so I'm used to really long games. I played Halo 3 with my friends in co-op and beat it on a Friday night. It does have replay value so if you like it play it again and use different tactics and get the skulls.

skitzoid4072d ago

Millions would disagree with xboxer while comparing Halo 3 to Gears? For me to say that is a slight exaggeration on your part would be a HUGE exaggeration on mine. My friends list went to full capacity from playing Gears on XBL and every person on my friends list I met online while playing Gears were ALL dying for Halo 3 to come out.

All of them claimed to be die hard Halo 2 fans and the biggest reason they bought a 360. When Halo 3 launched sure enough almost every single person on my friends list was playing it. After a couple days I noticed a friend or 2 that starting playing Gears again. Now, and I am being 100% honest with you here and I am only trying to give you an opinion from a Gears and Halo fan "myself", 33% of my friends list are playing Gears nearly every day again.

Lots of people I have talked to are disappointed with Halo 3. Their biggest complaints are not enough done to advance the gameplay and online features (oh and they actually and simply enough just prefer Gears now). Almost everyone I have on my friends list and new players I have met online while playing Halo 3, HATE matchmaking. Most of the time it just takes to freaking long to connect to another match.

Myself I am still playing Halo 3 (everyday) but I actually agree with xboxer in that I do like Gears a little more than Halo 3. I like the duck and cover feature, roadie running (overall speed of the game), the gore (there is nothing like popping off someone's head with a sniper shot or blasting them to bits with an explosive weapon while only leaving their feet behind ;-)), staying connected to one server as long as you choose to play and the "graphics" (which are still unmatched on any console).

The only thing that got on my nerves with Gears was glitching and host advantage.

I myself am already starting to get a little bored with Halo 3. I have played nearly 600 online matches. I don't find myself not counting the minutes until I can play it again and I never did. With Gears I would play every single minute I had available. If Gears kept track of match counts like Halo does, in the same time frame I probably volitive played 3000 matches by now.

I am 10x more excited over Gears of War 2 than the thought of another Halo (4) being made.

I have a feeling the longer Halo 3 is out the more you will hear opinions like mine. Gears did sell, what 5, 6 million copies? I am positive Halo 3 will pass those numbers but how many units will Gears 2 sell? But in the end they are on the same system so why complain at all? Best of both worlds on one console. There is room for both you know. Isn't there?

PS3n3604072d ago

Your experience with friends list is the same as mine. Halo has always been great as local split screen multiplayer with friends at home drinking beer and I will still play it that way. The whole run gun die respawn over and over is repetetive and boring in my mind. I prefer smaller 4vs4 matches up close and personal like gears. Dying from a bullet fired from 2 miles away is lame. I can hold my own in Halo MP but I just dont care.

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marc 19754072d ago

halo is a good game single player not so good but m.p. fantastic graphics do not matter they were good enough last gen

Rooftrellen4072d ago

While my personal taste in games leads me away from Halo, it's good to see that not everyone on here with a 360 (at least I assume you have it since you're enjoying Halo 3) or PS3 thinks graphics are everything.

I've seen Halo 3, and, while I don't think the graphics stand up to some other games, and ignoring that some of the colors didn't seem to fit the situation (lots of bright happy colors), the game itself looked great, anyway.

Looking as realistic as possible is overrated!

fenderputty4072d ago

Not only does it negativly impact sales of other consoles but, it negatively impacts sales of software on it's own console. This one game screws up everthing for a month or two. It will be interesting to see how things level out after a PS3 price drop and the initial sales frenzy of Halo 3's launch.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4072d ago

Kinda obvious it would have an effect on 360 softwares sales the most.

Most people buy one game or so a month. They have to choose btw the gaes then.

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