Has Red River failed Codemasters?

Red River's sales have been poor, garnering 80,000 across Xbox and PS3 platforms, is it time for Codemasters to rethink the series?

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earbus2774d ago

No not really i think they need to do a more arma2 style console version good editing gear.

media732774d ago

After OFPDR I am glad it flopped get f* CM you lieing cheating fakes, Hopefully we wont see a game like this again by CM. Buggy unfinished 2 mp maps the game was not even finished OFPDR has killed this game the community has voted with their wallets.

aaaaaaaaa2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

kind of like every game CM have released in the past few years
They would rather spend £1m on advertising than releasing a bug free or as close to bug free game as possible

CrzyFooL2774d ago

It's not out in the US yet...

GillHarrison2774d ago

This game hasn't even hit North American shores, chances are hardcore people that wanted this game already pirated it. The games realism adds quite the dynamic to the game, but it doesn't help when the game is completely un-polished. Based on what I've experienced from Dragon Rising, I can't see this game being any different. When I want my realistic military shooter I'll play ArmA II.

aaaaaaaaa2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

"Has Red River failed Codemasters", should read as, Has Codemasters failed Red River

Codemasters highly acceptable - "albeit somewhat bugged" - military first person shooter, "We scored the game an impressive 8/10" LOL they must have a strong mouth wash how can anyone score a bugged game an "impressive 8/10" maybe it should say a*s kissing 8/10

shades722774d ago

GTA IV had tons of bugs and look at the scores it received.

DoomeDx2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Which bugs? Tell me.
And i dont mean just 4 or 5 bugs. You said: TONS OF BUGS.

Would like to hear atleast 10 of em

GillHarrison2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I agree with wesley-dw, for an open-world sandbox game it was hyper-polished.

shades722773d ago

1. Flying cars
2. Stuck Pedestrians
3. AI pathing issues.
4. Traffic jams
5. Pigeon glitch
6. Audio bugs from pedestrians
7. rendering glitches
8. Physics objects getting stuck
9. Flying men glitch
10.Container glitch

would you like me to continue? (that's rhetorical btw).

Next you're going to tell me "well I never experienced any of those so it can't be true".

Try Red Dead Redemption as another example.

Ch1d0r12773d ago

I used to watch a show called Epileptic Gaming. They reviewed Uncharted 2, and everyone game it a 10 out of 10 except for this jack ass (yes you nice guy ed) who found 1 bug so he gave it 9/10.

Anyhow i always wanted to try the 1st one Dragon Rising... is it any good? Hope its like the old school pc rainbow six games.

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