Battlefield 3 Ranking System: How Many Ranks Will There Be?

The United States Marine Corps Ranking System, below, is the branch used in Battlefield 3. If the game accurately used the Marine Corps' ranking system, there will be 27-28 ranks. In Battlefield 2, there was only 22 Ranks. Will Battlefield 3 follow the same ranking system as Battlefield 2, the proper United States Marine Corps Ranking System, or the ranking system they have used in Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 along with Battlefield 1943 that had 50 ranks?

There is a poll on the site:

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callmedom942751d ago

I hope Battlefield 3 has the same ranking system as Battlefield 2. This ranking system took time to accumulate rank and it wasn't able to be accomplished a week into the game like the past Bad Companys have been able to do. Even a ranking system like Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, it took a long time, but not as long as BF2 on PC.

I think that Battlefield 3 needs to have certain qualifications be met to reach each rank, just like Battlefield 2 had. I want a game where I have to play for a decent amount of time in order to reach the top rank instead of being able to reach it so fast. This way your rank will actually show something and have a meaning.

Agent-862751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Only problem with tough to get ranks, though, is that it leads to "boosting". I was an admin at a BF2 community and we would always have an eye out for boosters on our servers. The most common one we saw was for a group of 4 or more people (with at least 2 from each team) to meet up in some remote spot of the map and take turns killing and reviving each other for the entire round.

Now, I'm for a robust ranking system, but I think BF2's was a little extreme. I was a pretty good player and I only managed to reach Captain after about 700 hours. I can't imagine how hard it would be to get the top rank legitimately. BFBC2 ranking was too quick and BF2 was a little too hard, so I think somewhere between the two would be good.

callmedom942751d ago

I myself was an admin on my dad's server. And yes, this was very indeed common. We had to use the good ol kick and ban commands in the server to get rid of the boosters.

Making the rankings too hard to get, does lead to people wanting to boost. I really do agree with somewhere between the BF2 and BFBC2 ranks would good. But in my honest opinion, somewhere between BF2 and BF2MC on the ps2 and xbox360 would be perfect. I'm not sure if you played BF2MC, but in that game it took a lot of hours to reach top rank. It took about 400-500 hours to reach 5 Star General(not sure what number that was) and it was the highest rank in the game. But in order to keep this rank, you had to have over 100PPH (Points Per Hour). So no matter how many points and what score you had, or how many medals you had, in order for you to be top rank, you had to have over 100PPH and the required medals and score. If Battlefield 3 did this, I think the old players would really like this system, because it shows who was really good and who wasn't. I think it would catch on well with others as well.

Theonetheonly2751d ago

Throughput based ranking ftw if you cant stay in the kitchen then you level down, Good thinking. :)

bumnut2751d ago

Have you played Homefront? I hit rank 3 in my first game and saw people who where rank 30+ on day 2.

subzero-082751d ago

Yeah, I hope that it has something similar to Battlefield 2 or 2142, where it takes quite a long time in between each rank to level up. It kept me playing for some 400+ hours, so you can't say it didn't work well. Each rank would give you a new item to pick from, so that served as motivation. In Bad Company 2, you only get items up until level 25, so after that many people stopped playing.

callmedom942751d ago

You're right. I definitely want to be able to put tons of hours into the game and never get bored with it and continue to try and work my way up. When this is the case, ranks have much more meaning. I hope it implements a system where it takes a couple hundred hours to reach top rank at least. Previous battlefields like Bad Company 1 and Battlefield 1943, I reached in 24hours gameplay time. DICE did a better job on BFBC2 rank system wise, to rank up.

Bear_Grylls2751d ago

2142 had some seriously hardcore badges and awards to earn.

Just to earn one of the hardest you need to spend 100+ hours just doing on type of thing.

2fk2751d ago

hopefully it wont be so hard to level up in BFBC2 im still level 32 and i've had it since it 1st came out.

GamingBuzz2751d ago

im only use to bad company so only 20 or so ranks wont feel right to me.

Pandamobile2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Hopefully it will be like BF2 where it'd take forever to get anywhere in the ranks, but it actually felt like you achieved something. I put like 300 hours into BF2 and only managed to get to Sergeant Major or so.

Agent-862751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I put 750 hours into BF2 and only made Captain. Personally, I think it should be toned down just a little since it encouraged "boosting". BFBC2 was a little too easy, too fast, but BF2 was excruciating. I mean 750 hours is like 2 hours a day, every day for a year and I only made Captain! Couldn't imagine how long it would take to reach the highest rank without boosting.

Bear_Grylls2751d ago

The servers will be shut off before you do lol.

Agent-862751d ago

@Bear_Grylls, lol. Actually stopped playing BF2 about 2 years ago, so I won't be going back anytime soon to try and get that top rank. I was a pretty decent player, though, but I eventually got tired of the grind for rank and moved on.

ASSASSYN 36o2750d ago

You mist really suck. I put in exactly 234 hours and was level 36 a my profile shows.

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