CVG - 8Realms: 'We can challenge Total War and Civilization'

CVG - So let us get this straight: A browser-based 'social' strategy title with the most 'complex front-end' of a commercial site in the world? One that can challenge Total War and Civilization from a gameplay standpoint yet can be "fired up during lunch to launch a few attacks"?

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swarlayy2778d ago

This game has got me addicted and its only in Beta!

Fragger2k82778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I'm trying to give the game a chance, but I honestly just cannot get into it. =\ I played the heck out of War of Legends when that just came out, but I just grew so bored of it and haven't touched it since.

I also don't really like games that basically force you to spend money just to progress, it's a pretty lame move. It's either that, or do like two things every 4 hours or so, and that's just at the start of the game. =|

Like I said, though, I'm trying to give it a chance, so maybe it will grow on me.

Has it seemed really delayed trying to do anything in the game for anyone else lately, though? It was fine the first day I started playing, but now there's been up to a 30 second delay or so when selecting something.