Sony look like greedy little piggies

With both PSN and SOE down for the count, both networks are suffering from losses that are dependent on these systems to work. With tens of millions of people affected by these outages, as well as the prospect of a large amount of consumer data being stolen, you would think that Sony would be doing everything it can to keep its customers happy.

But today something happened that could once again bring the wrath of Sony's customers down on Sony's head... strangely enough, the source of it all is Sony itself...

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PirateThom2725d ago

Hey, instead of complaining, why not phone them and tell them to refund the charges?

BaneWilliams2725d ago

Hey, instead of complaining, why don't you read the article and see that it's about brand trust, not about money being taken out of my account. -_-

Muerte24942725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Have you ever heard of automatic bill pay. The things are automated. Like PirateThom said, just call and have them refund your card. It's really that simple. It has nothing to do with brand trust. You're blaming Sony for having an automated bill pay system setup. You should blame every electronic company/Cell phone carrier/ ISP in the world who provide similar services. Brand loyalty, don't make me laugh. Just another author trying to kick Sony while their down.

BaneWilliams2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@Muerte I understand how the process works, you understand how the process works, most people on n4g understand how the process works.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world does, especially technologically limited parents (the main cause of the forum posts) complaining about charges taken out of their accounts for things their children have no access to.

I'm not attempting to 'kick Sony while they're down' I'm bringing light to the fact that this is causing a problem for some of Sony's consumers, and if it continues will damage their already fragile customer relationships.


EDIT: There is a reason this is title 'look like' as opposed to 'are'.

PirateThom2725d ago

I did read it, it didn't come off as a "public service announcement" type of deal. Did you even contact them to see what they were doing about it or if it was an oversight? I'm guessing not or you would have mentioned it.

Led-Zeppelin2725d ago


Just stop, you have already made your self look like a fool.

a_bro2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

good job prentending to be a journalist bro.

just to let you know, you suck at it, now GTFO.

we dont have time for fake journalists such as you...

Soldierone2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Umm dude again, common sense would be AWESOME here.

1 Call them, tell them you want to cancel, end of story. Its written in the terms you agree to, im sure the number is even somewhere in the DC Universe case just in case something happens. Look online.

2 Sony stated "We will add a free month, PLUS a day for everyday the services are unavailable." Guess what, you are paying for something you will end up getting anyways. Even "angry" parents that call Sony and ask why it happened will be granted with this news.

You are not getting screwed by anymeans. Just because your too lazy to call or dont remember you have the accounts, doesn't make Sony the greedy little pigs.

starchild2725d ago Show
KonaBro2725d ago

Using common sense when talking about anything Sony doesn't make you a Sony fanboy. If anything, you just proved who is the fanatic here by attacking PirateThom out of nowhere. Also, your point sucks as well. Nice try!

Godmars2902725d ago

Are you talking about monthly if not yearly fees as the whole online thing transitions between months? Isn't Sony already on record as saying DCU and such subscribers will get an extra month?

Tired2725d ago

This article is bollox.

cupid stunt....spoonerism or not

jke822725d ago Show
jke822725d ago

@ thats just prime

well its still not sonys fault...they just didnt go in to your account and take the money you had to have given them access to bill you for said service/item... if you didnt want the charge the CANCEL THE AUTO BILLING OR DONT SIGN UP

acting like they held a gun to your head............

cyborg69712725d ago Show
Brosy2725d ago Show
RememberThe3572725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

You know, it bothers me when anyone defends Sony or MS or Nintedo from baseless and in this case stupid claims, that they get called fanboys or fanatics or whatever. Why is it that any form of logic and reason gets frowned upon on this site?

Instead of actually countering these arguments they through out lies and attack people. There are a lot of things Sony has done wrong (not having a secure network, and not working with hackers to find weaknesses in their network). But instead of admitting what Sony did right and calling them out on what they did wrong, you blatantly ignore the truth and decide to call people out without any motivation.

How about making good arguments instead of accusing people of doing the very thing your doing.

This is way people laugh at or leave this community. This is why people in the forums laugh at the people in the comments section. Because these idots can still leave their shitty comments all over this site.

Hey, Brosy: "We will add a free month, PLUS a day for everyday the services are unavailable." You will get what you pay for. Instead of calling people out make an actual argument next time.


Bane... sony had 3 weeks to call their accounting department and cancel the payments, rather then having all the customers have to do it instead... sadly the sony defense force does not think sony could ever do anything wrong... any attack on sony is a attack on freedom and puppies.

Is there anything that can be said about sony at this site without getting hate from the sony fanboys? Too bad xbox users are too buisy having a rad time with their consoles to fite back the sony defense force...

sony needs to get their act togeather because their handeling of this fiascle is pretty poor... first they say nothing.. then they finally say something... then they get hacked again... exposing more private data... then they finally come up with a compensation plan and promise psn back up within a week... then when the week is almost up they say... oooh sorry we need to do internal testing... and they never tell us anything during the weekends... and now they did not bother to even stop their online payments after 3 weeks? but nooo we should have called our banks to put a stop on it and pay the 15 dollar stop fee too huh? sony fanboys are so forgiving...

Godmars2902725d ago

"The consumer shouldn't have to call, it's a companies responsibilty to take care of this."

Like its MS responsibility to make closing an XBL account, removing a credit card from one at least, as difficult a process as possible?

Enigma_20992725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

"Hey, instead of complaining, why don't you read the article and see that it's about brand trust, not about money being taken out of my account. -_-"

Because you don't deserve the page hits, I imagine...

Christopher2725d ago

***Yes, the charges for such sevices as PSN+ and MMOs are "automatic", but maybe Sony should have had a little foresight and stopped such charges until they can get PSN back online. That's what you would expect a responsible company to do.***

They don't do this because if they did, everyone would have to redo the whole process of their subscription in order to keep it going. Sony can only extend the service from the point they know how long to extend it. So, once they have the full downtime, they will then extend the service one month followed by the days that the service(s) were unavailable.

Sono4212725d ago

People need to stop being so ignorant and look at the situation from different perspectives, once you do that you wont feel this "hate" for Sony that many people are feeling. Some people on here need to grow up and stop being so ignorant such as: Starchild, Brosy, JUDALATION, and BaneWilliams. There are plenty more on this site but these are the ones on this article. Its about time you fanboys start looking past the brand and start looking at the facts. Also learn to separate the good journalists from the bad. For instance this is bad, see your learning already :) now go read a book and stop trolling.

somerandomdude2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )


This article is over-dramatized. I'm guessing you just don't like Sony or big corporations in general?

aGameDeveloper2725d ago


I was about to say something similar, but can't put it much better. I see why you have 10 stars!

IGAMEHARD2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

i coulda already guessed sony would do that but the article WAS informative

Theonetheonly2725d ago

Its a simple fix... Right?

wait i think psn+ shouldn't charge while the service is down. but what was it star wars or star trek online is a whole different story-kinda based on the game itself.

Ethereal2725d ago


"You guys are so rabid that the second a guy writes an article bringing something negative to light you ruthlessly attack him like a pack of mad dogs."

Kind of like the media and everyone else does when something negative happens to Sony. Seem like there are a lot of people out there that want to see Sony fail. I don't remember the XBL outage getting to be this big. Just pointing it out. =)

moparful992725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

I find it funny that banewilliams says that he checked his bank account after the psn breach like any responsible adult would yet he forgot about automatic recurring payments.. HMM most responsible adults that I KNOW would have had the foresight to realize that they had auto payments and would have taken steps accordingly... SOunds like another person jumping on the "crucify Sony" bandwagon..

EDIT: everybody click the blue link under the article at the top and vote this crap down.. Ban all stories from this user.. We don't need all of this uselessness.. It only incites division amongst us user which is already fragmented enough!

rockleex2725d ago

You're no journalist. You're a sensationalist.

You don't inform. You flame.

That's people's problem with this article and you.

jetlian2724d ago

matter what or when he looked at his account. If sony isn't giving a service you shouldn't be charged.

Actually last month should be prorated for the days it was down. Chances are its only a few dollars worth per person

Breadisgood2724d ago


Where in the article does it mention Microsoft? Why do people take anything remotely negative said about Sony as just Xbox fanboy bitching?

Sony does stupid stuff, Microsoft does stupid stuff, they're both just as bad as each other.

Just because you prefer one company to the other doesn't mean you should mindlessly defend it, and bash the other one all the time.

miyamoto2724d ago

its all about the hits, hits, hits .... move on

Death2724d ago


PSN is down for weeks with no concrete date to be up. Hardcore gamers on N4G praise Sony for billing people for services they cannot get. Bane isn't surprised that his auto billing popped up on his account , more dissapointed. Sony could easily have suspended auto billing until PSN was back up and resumed later without customers needing to do it. This would have been a nice gesture instead of irritating some customers which it clearly has.

I know it's a difficult concept for many people here, but some don't like paying for something they don't get just to be owed it later.


DragonKnight2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

See? Look at all the misinformation and sensationalism.

@Bane: Your title is enough for people to not bother caring about your opinion. If this was a "public service announcement" about the process of auto-billing, you'd have come at it from an unbiased, objective approach. You would simply state the facts. Your title would read something like "DC Universe online still in effect despite PSN outage" and then you could present a clear article stating that people are still being billed through auto-billing and that they might want to check up on how to cancel that until services resume.

Instead, you decided to take the stance that Sony appear greedy, and then filled your article with information centered around that ill-informed opinion. As has been stated, Sony can't stop auto-billing without resetting all of the subscriptions, which would force all the subscribers to start from scratch and would likely bring it's own share of headaches. I also highly doubt that the parent issue is as big as you think it is, but that's moot.

And you also bring up "large amounts of consumer data being stolen." If by that you mean the information that is public domain such as addresses and phone numbers, why bring that up unless you're attempting to stir up more hate and controversy? I can google any random name and come up with an address and a phone number. And yet people act as though Sony didn't have a secure network.

If you read the recent article posted by Beyond3D, you would have seen that Sony did in fact have a secure network, with the latest software for their Apache servers, and firewalls in place. CC information was NOT in plain text. So Sony did in fact have every necessary precaution in place and were still hacked. But the FUD being spread is that they didn't have a secure network and everyone's info was stolen, and now you're trying to fuel the flame wars even more and have the unmitigated gall to pass it off as a "public service?"

Honestly, all the haters here must be selectively illiterate because they choose to ignore the facts and post angry, hate-filled comments against Sony as a matter of course. In reality, none of them are as affected as they like to portray, and Sony did NOTHING wrong. They had a secure system, they encrypted CC info, and they got hacked. Those are the basics, and that is the absolute truth. Deal with it.

But I suppose Haterz gonna Hate...

AAACE52724d ago

Hey Bane, this is N4G! Sony has a large following of fans who will lay their life on the line for them... well, their digital life anyway!

They are loyal through thick and thin!

Me on the other hand, i'm more of a Merc! Meaning i'll go where ever seems like I can get what I want!

No Way2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

An automated service charge. Shouldn't the service be running to charge?
Can't they simply.. turn off the automated charge? Reasonable thing to do..

I don't know exactly how that works, but they should pull the plug on that.

KDubyah2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

That comparison of situations was idiotic and makes no sense, what so ever.

Anyway, this really aint that big of a deal..
Yes, Sony shouldn't charge, when they know PSN is down.
However, Sony will add on time to your subscription, no worries.

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frelyler2725d ago

Seriously, has he ever heard of a company called M$? Who is a greedy pig now? WTF, why do articles like this get approved. I don't care about this shit. Give me articles that are actually about games and new systems, not opinion pieces written to garner hits on a web site. If you like 360 then you like it. If you like PS3 then you like that. Why argue like children, I hate that gamin has gone "mainstream." It's being ruined.

Prototype2725d ago

Blogs like this will cease to exist when people are smart enough not to click on em anymore. Problem is there's those certain types who will read an article that flame their rival console, then go all day about why they didn't buy/support that console instead of talking about the article directly.

awi59512725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Because the live members told what happened to live quickly and it wasnt this long. Sony was so worried about getting sued they kept it quite too long. They should have said something or warned people sooner that their credit cards were in danger. The crooks had time to steal millions if they wanted to. Sony should have just bit the bullet and admit they got hacked and credit card information may have gotten out.

Im just happy i didnt update my card information. I was going to buy a movie on psn last month but didnt it's a good thing i didnt.

Diamondwolf2724d ago

Ironically, most of the crap people are complaining about "such as sony should have had the foresight to stop automatic bill pay" is nonsense. It shows your age to think up something like that. NO company..............repeat, NO company will do that. They don't have the resources and the backlash to doing that would cause more of a problem.

It seems the stereotype is pretty dead on. Sony's system brought gaming for the adults and the teenagers and launch failed "adults" went elsewhere.

KDubyah2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

You're no different, acting like a child, when you bring in Microsoft.
You are doing the same shit, that these 'children' you speak of do..
The article wasn't about Microsoft, but Sony, speak on that.. not Microsoft.
You're just adding to the 'flame war' that you oh so much hate, now a days.

Though, I do agree with most of your ending statement..

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ps3destroyer2725d ago

What are you gonna find next ps3 fanboys to make Sony look like holy saints.

TVippy2724d ago

WHY should you call them? What a stupid decision.


any charges for Sony on-line services are non-refundable. It is stated in the on-line agreement.

SuperStrokey11232724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

The charges should have never happened though i think is the point. However, as pointed out below by tplarking7 this will likely be recitified quickly in their next bill.

tplarkin72724d ago

It has not been a full billing cycle, yet. Cable companies refund outages often. If PSN is down for a month, then they should cease billing.

lil Titan2724d ago

Every time I see Ken Kutaragi picture holding the PS3 I used to think that was when I knew I was going to get the new playstation, day one purchase for me. Now all I think is oh wow another Playstation Hate article smh

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Apolloeye2725d ago

They have already stated that you will get a free month of any subscriptions you have.

BaneWilliams2725d ago

Yep, but that's not going to stop the parents from wondering why Sony is charging them for something their son or daughter can't access and hasn't been able to access for most of a month. (as proven by various forum posts)

Adva2725d ago

Parents are suppose to look at what their kids are doing. Their fault if they aren't up to date with news and emails.

Just_The_Truth2725d ago

if the are wondering then they'd call or ask their son/daughter about it and the kid would say the network got hacked but they're giving us a free month when it's back on. simple. not worth writing an article about. it's not like they go person by person and take money out it's automated granted they could stop it but why does 10 bucks matter so much to you.

coryok2725d ago

yes, because if parents dont know how technology works theyre sure to understand why their kid doesnt have access to his game. maybe he got kicked off for bad language?
either way, most parents grew up when they didnt have the convenience of a computer, they know how to pick up a phone
this isnt a big deal youre just attacking sony, otherwise the post would have looked something like

"if you dont want to be charged you can call this number and they'll gladly take the charges off, but be forewarned, you're likely to miss out on the free month that will come from this downtime"

instead of

"sony is greedy, theyre charging you while you cant even play the game"
and then ending it with:
"The fact remains that for the time being, you are going to be charged for services you have no way to access, and Sony aren't going to say or do a thing about it until well after the fact - as Sony generally does."

-yea that really looks like an informative post, littered with commentary on how you hate sony

anywayss...they will obviously do something about it if you bring it to their attention - youre not trying to help anyone, youre just flaming sony. if you want to help someone inform them of the number they need to call so that they can cancel their account if they want the charges removed

theaceh2725d ago

So... I guess sony will be adding 2 months to my subscription.

1 month for the blackout period
1 month extra for free

is this correct?

if not, then basically they arent giving subscribers anything.

Foliage2725d ago

Well, you idiot... the service was not down for a month. Logic isn't that hard..........

theaceh2725d ago


Well, excuse me rocket scientist, but this stupid service has been down for 18 days now, and Sony has no idea of when it will be back, thats why if you had half a brain you would EXPECT it to be offline for at least a month. Unless your the gullible type that still believes it will be back online next week like they promised last week, and the week before that.

God, so many pathetic retards on N4G these days.

Ethereal2725d ago

Well if such a parent did some research they would find that Sony is offering a months free and additional days to compensate. It's common sense.

dragon822725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

The answer to your original question is "yes". Sony have stated that they will be giving all subscribers to DCUO an "extra" month plus they will extend your subscription by the number of days the service was down for. This will cover any time you were billed for while the service was down and add an extra month on top of it. They have also said that we will all recieve a "Tier 1 Batman Mask" for our characters as well.

This goes for PS+ too. A free month of service plus the time lost for subscriberers. All other PSN users will get a free month of PS+ to try it out.

If the author of this article had actually paid attention to the statements made by Sony, he would have known this. He will still recieve all of the time he is being billed for now. It will just be added on when the service is restored.

KDubyah2724d ago

Well, you idiot... it prolly will be down for a months time.
As of right now, they still have no idea when it will be back up.
And, what, it's been like almost 3 weeks, now, already?

Use some logic, it's really not that hard ...

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pedrami912725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

It's like a clear invitation for fanboys and hits.

"There is a reason this is title 'look like' as opposed to 'are'."

Wouldn't really matter, most users and fanboys here would not react well to it.
Just putting "pig" and "Sony" in the same sentence is enough to rile em' up.

Trroy2725d ago

I agree. Flamebait title.

SKUD2725d ago

Whats this I don't even.....

Dead_Cell2725d ago

Lol you say it's done in the benefit of people who won't realise charges are automated but you give the article the headline -

"Sony look like greedy little piggies"