The Best of Chell Cosplay [PICS]

GR - "We don't get to see much of Chell in Portal 2, except for when we look at her through the looking glass of the blue and orange portals. That hasn't stopped these creative cosplayers from portraying the mute protagonist of Valve's hit title."

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Valay2508d ago

People cosplay for anything and everything, aye?

Quagmire2508d ago

Theres an equivalent of Rule 34 like that. There is Cosplay of everything and anything. No exeptions.

shenoyjoseph2508d ago

If someone makes those portal guns they're going to make a lot of money...

techrave2508d ago

I concur, I think they're available on ebay, but too expensive.

2508d ago
halocursed2508d ago

Contrary to popular opinion, I like the fact that Chell is silent. These definitely look great though.

sickbird2508d ago

i always find these cosplays comical. Portal gun looks pretty sick though.

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