Xbox 360's victory over Wii will be short-lived?

Analysts: September Xbox 360 Victory To Be Short-Lived Following NPD's release of September sales results, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter and simExchange's Jesse Divinch have said the industry is on "solid footing," and predicted that the Xbox 360's victory over Wii should be short-lived.

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nasim4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

while wii sells everywhere.

ps3 will win this gen followed by Wii and then x360.

I feel bad for MS . even after launching thier HALO 3 bundle to counter ps3's pice cut it got beaten 3:1 in EU and is non existent worldwide except NA.

BUT that will change


ps3 is murdering x360 in UK at the moment . X360's last stand in EU has been now gone . The only place in EU where x360 sold decent was UK . even with a halo 3 bundle MS cant move units in EU anymore

UK and EU are simply gone for MS now

goodganja4076d ago

Wii only has about 4 AAA games worth buying. PS3 has at least 30-40 in the pipline for next year alone. XBox360-ZERO unless Gears 2 comes out this year. The magnitude of this difference is tremendous for Sony and expect 20:4 sales over 360 next year.

People also arent mentioning that PS2 is still toppling 360 and Wii sales 3:2 and 4:2 each month so Sony is still getting profit off their old system.

Factor in the price cut to save costs and you'll find out how Sony is able to secure exclusives and get new ones. This is why Halo 4 and Mass Effect will see ports on PS3. Too much money to be made. Halo 4 alone will make 15 billion if ported to ps3.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D.

DarkSniper4076d ago

I dont see XBox winning this gen. Especially with what PS3 has to offer next year. Wii will sell strong up until holidays 08.


Nuch Vader4076d ago

None of your opinions really matter anyway. You're PS3 fanboys and therefore retards, second class gamers. Playstation 3 is a second rate system. Plus you PS3 owners don't buy games anyway. Folklore 27k for the first weeks is laughable at best.

Chris_GTR14076d ago

"30-40 games in the pipestream" WTF? ohhh u mean total for next year.
cause AAA games for ps3 next year are only 3.. MGS4,KZ2,GOW3. everyother ps3 game just sucks.

Liquid Ocelot4076d ago

Gaystation why do you X-box fans always call us PS3 owners retards at least the PS3 doesn't suffer from the R.R.O.D and we don't have to pay to play games on-line and as for not buying any games i have 16 PS3 games and i will be getting more as soon as ratchet and clank+Uncharted are released so go back to playing your X-box you green troll.

goodganja4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

If every other game on PS3 sucks. Then what is considered quality on 360? You mentioned more AAA games on PS3 than what the XBOX 360 will currently be releasing in 08 alone, that includes AAA and non AAA games.

Can you honestly rate any of these games below 85%?

Time Crisis 3
Heavenly Sword
Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy 8
Halo 4
Gears of War Port
Mass Effect port
Tekken 6
LA Noire
Untitled Rockstar Exclusive
God Of War 3
Untitled Team ICO Project
Zone of The Enders 3
Yakuza 3
The Agency
Untitled NCSoft Project
Untitled City of Heroes Project
Eternal Sonata port
Eye of Judgement
Lair (receiving rave reviews in Japan)
The Getaway 3
Heavy Rain
Hot Shots Golf 5
Untitled Victorious Boxers/Hajime No Ippo game
Killzone 2
MLB 08
NFL Gameday 2010
Ratchet & Clank
Untitled Jak & Daxter
Untitled Twisted Metal
Unreal Tournament 3
White Knight Chronicles
Untitled Snatcher Sequel
Kingdom Hearts project

No you cant so STFU troll and sit by your mailbox so your -360 can arrive in the mail.

Spydiggity you must out of your everlasting mind. I provided the Sony catalog and all you can give me is a couple of games? LOL! Have fun playing your Hour of Victory and Halo 640p and we'll be playing Killzone 2 IN TRUE HIGH DEFINITION!!!

Gaystation3- According to N4G rules, you have insulted my personal intellect and made direct threats to what I stand for and my opinion. It's okay to disagree but you will not call me any names due to my support for PS3. You have been marked as offensive and bubbles have been taken away and you've are ignored as of today.

Xbox 360
R U S H A H 3 A D

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Nuch Vader4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

@cHRIS03, I don't think there's another way to say it other than PS3 users are retards. And posts like goodganja44 are a good example. PS3 fanboys say things without basis. Mass Effect Port, Halo 4, Gears of War Port?? If you own a PS3 plus other systems and just have a PS3 for those once in a while good games, no issues. If you are a PS3 fanboy and sole own a PS3, than you are a stupid idiot.

Liquid Ocelot4076d ago

I know there are a few Idiots on this website but not just on the PS3 side there are a few Idiots on the 360 side as well and i don't have a 360 yet but i will be getting one eventually and a Nintendo Wii does that make me a fanboy by getting the PS3 first cause it has games that i wanted to play?

KeiZka4076d ago

Halo 4? One hint. Didn't tell the system. Why would you assume it's PS3? Nice way to come up with names.

And Lair is out there already, and didn't exactly live up to AAA, now did it? Also, Untitled NCSoft Project and Untitled City of Heroes Project could mean the same thing. Do not multiply things. If you are to make a list that has games that HAVE BEEN published, do note that every game has been published. Most of those you listed haven't. And if you can go and claim that every of them is over 85%, how can you say that? Got all the betas? Gsus.

Honestly, I have nothing against the console, only against bs spewing fanboys.

Nuch Vader4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Well then Chris, you are not an Idiot. My attact is targeted towards PS3 die hards like Nazim. Get yourself a 360 and Wii, then you will be a well rounded gamer. Why you got a PS3 first is beyond me. The good games aren't out yet. Almost everything on PS3 is a Xbox 360 hand me down and like 90% of Multi platform games are better on 360.

jaja14344076d ago

Just wondering, but why did whats his name up there, the one who decided to list every damm PS3 game next year, include Halo?

Kuest4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

And just to think it all started with Nasim... Good job, guys- you all deserve a medal. For 15 seconds, I almost forget what this thread was about. Fortunately, by scrolling down to Boon Takaras's #2 post, I was able to remember the actual POINT of this article.

My, my... what real magicians, you are.

creeping judas4076d ago

is 20:4 ratio better then 5:1 ratio ?

just made me laugh is all.

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Boon Tarkas4076d ago

"The Wii faced many obstacles in September, including: hardware constraints, strong first party titles on other consoles, no strong releases of its own platform, announcements of software bundling and price cuts from its competitors, and a gimmicky raison d'etre with some lame @ss games."

Kuest4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

one shining star... Mario Galaxy. That game alone is worth 2 Gears of War sequels (almost).

genericname4076d ago

was there really any doubt it wouldn't be short lived?

Laka4076d ago

Pachter is not always right on the money. He shamed himself on so many occasions already.

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