NowGamer - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Review

NowGamer - Persona 3 Portable – that’s this game, not the original version – originally came out in Japan in November of 2009. You’ll surely realise, if you’re paying attention, that this is a hell of a long time ago. Even the Yanks got the bloody thing in July of 2010.

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TheColbertinator2392d ago

Persona 3 Portable is so fun to play.I still have to finish the game on Hard but this game is awesome

Highatus2392d ago

Yessir, I keep kicking myself for not checking out this series sooner ( it was recommended to me a bunch of times last Gen >.<) Picked up P3P and didn't put it down for at least a month... Now to wait for the others to be re-released.

TheColbertinator2392d ago

Get Persona 4 if you have not already.Its more interesting than Persona 3 in many ways