TF2 PC vs. 360 Video

We've already sat Xbox 360 and PC versions of Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Portal next to each other for visual comparison, and now our attention finally turns to Team Fortress 2.

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sjappie4074d ago

and and on my tv, Team Fortress is definately not as blurry as in that movie. It's much sharper.

Cartesian3D4074d ago

in TF2 graphics doesnt matter.. its Fun

the only thing that matters is LAG ..

I played TF2 on pc on LAN.. its amazing .. but with LAG its NOTHIN .. Im sure LAN is the best Choice for Valve products.. their games are allways pro in term of shooting skills..

and these skills need a LAG free situation..

kn4074d ago

game I go online for. It looks like great fun. I love the art style... How bad is the Lag on the 360 on Live?

AngryHippo4074d ago

....and its awesome fun.....was the first game i played in the Orange box, couldnt stop laughing at some of the taunts the characters make.