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Important Things To Do When the PSN Returns

TGR look into the steps you should take when the PSN returns, looking at ways to make sure you're happier, more secure and back to your best. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

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sammykiernan  +   1440d ago
Good set of ideas. Number 7 is great.
NukaCola  +   1440d ago
Such a great list. I have a crap ton of trophies to sync up.
DelbertGrady  +   1440d ago
Is it a lengthy process or is it done automatically on-the-fly when you sign in?
BigDan80  +   1440d ago
@Dilbert you have to force a sync, just view your trophies while you're not in a game - it can take a while though, depending on psn network traffic and how many trophies need syncing.
AAACE5  +   1440d ago
Main thing I wanna do is play that f#ckin Socom Beta I had just got done downloading when all this sh*t started!

With my luck, it was probably over long before!
Kalowest  +   1440d ago
My trophies are the only really thing a care about. When PSN is back up, i can platinum KZ2/3 and UNS2.
Kevin ButIer  +   1440d ago
Wow great list :D
TheREAL-HyDRo1x  +   1440d ago
number 11. sleep

this list is shit, its like the 4th list i have seen on this site and they all had the exact same freak'n 10 things!
WindNinjaDW  +   1440d ago
@TheReal-Hydro1x: You didn't really read the article, did you? There was a 8 things listed, not 10.
No Way  +   1439d ago
@WindNinjaDW -
Apparently you didn't read the article ..
I counted 10 things on that list. .. Whaa?
cyborg6971  +   1440d ago
Yeah who would've thought an actual informative article that's not spreading fud on this site would make it through the approval process. A must read for all.
sammykiernan  +   1440d ago
Been a few decent articles from this site lately, might keep an eye on them. But you're right, nice to see a PSN article not moaning about everything.
xtremeimport  +   1440d ago
11. USE PSN CARDS TO BUY STUFF! credit cards are the devils plastic.
TheMrMadzen  +   1440d ago
My #1
Play Online
Kamin0  +   1440d ago
Yeah your right, #7 is a great one. #2 is also great. But #1 is deff #1.
BigDan80  +   1440d ago
i've missed home, hope all this doesn't screw up all my stuff
PoisonedMonkey  +   1440d ago
It's a shame really, it's great nowadays but people remember it as it was on day 1...
dead_eye  +   1440d ago
Ain't been on in ages. Does it have mic chat or just text?
BigDan80  +   1440d ago
@dead_eye I think you can still only have voice chat in private areas like apartments and clubhouses, everywhere else is text chat.

Probably best, cuts out on trash talk from randoms.
Kris2k0  +   1440d ago
Haven't really tried it, must give it a go when everything is back up.
Ps3_Unholy-sin  +   1440d ago
lol i feel you on that BigDan i miss it to and all my friends on there man i cant wait till this bull is all over with its taking to long
Kris2k0  +   1440d ago
XBox fanboys won't like the list, but it's an enjoyable read, good work :)
7SBuzzLightyear7S  +   1440d ago
Can finally sync up my trophies for God of War III. And that copy of Uncharted 2 should be arriving in the next 72 hours.

And no, I won't be giving anyone the finger. Look what happened when Sony gave security experts the finger.
InLaLaLand  +   1440d ago
When it returns you better hide yo kids, hide yo wife :P
SolidStoner  +   1440d ago
you don't need to come here and confess, we going to find you!


LOL :)
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1440d ago
The 2nd one made me choke on my soda.
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B1663r  +   1440d ago
Hubris, learn it.

This one time a buddy of mine wanted to be hard, so he went to a pool hall, picked a fight, then proceeded to totally get his butt whooped. He had a big open wound in his scalp, that was bleeding like a mofo. After the guy who did this to him got off of him and started to walk away, he stood up and shouted "Where are you going?! I'm not done with you yet!", and the guy and his crew started to laugh.

The moral of the story is, when you are beat, stay down. Really...
PoisonedMonkey  +   1440d ago
Number 2 was more metaphorical than literal ;)
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1440d ago
espiritu604  +   1440d ago
theres no shame in trying
Id rather try than stay down.
Giving up are for chumps.
Gazman  +   1440d ago
To sum it up it's all common sense and a little extra for the fan boys
dead_eye  +   1440d ago
Play should be number 2. Gonna be doing a lot in that list. I could still post on the forums last night so don't need to do that.
Zydake  +   1440d ago
actually wow when psn comes back up i wont have much to do cept change my pass...
kasasensei  +   1440d ago
Let me guess
- update the fw
- change pw
- remove card details
- add funds to your wallet with a prepaid card
- sync your trophies
- check the store
- feed your appetite for new games
- play online for 20 hours straight just to stresstest the brand new psn!

What else?
PoisonedMonkey  +   1440d ago
Read the article and find out, it's a little more tongue-in-cheek than others like it, might surprise you.
kasasensei  +   1439d ago
Okay, I'm reading it.
... well that point is stupid : give the finger.
Puerile and stupid... give the finger for what?
"Take that xbot, i'm back online after only 4 weeks, who's the best huh? who's da best?!"
Zydake  +   1440d ago
Activate portal Lol..
joeyisback  +   1440d ago
change email
joeyisback  +   1440d ago
disagree? fine dont change ur email but when they answer ur security question to the same email they got info on and ur account gets stolen then u will agree then i guess
ger101  +   1440d ago
1. Play online.
2. Play online.
3. Play online.
4. Play online.
5. Go to the toilet.
6. Play online.
7. Play online.
8. Play online.
9. Play online.
10. Play online.

Fixed the list.
PoisonedMonkey  +   1440d ago
Nice one, I'll update it on the site ;)
Blade_Star   1440d ago | Spam
espiritu604  +   1440d ago
first thing I would do is greet my friends online.
lol i miss them very much
one of my friends and I used our mics and we turned out pervy and started taking pics of hot girls in PSHOME and in the end of the night we share our pics together XD good times.
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maverick1191  +   1440d ago
first thing when its up

SIGN IN & gane your ass off!
Tru_Blu  +   1440d ago
Nice lol article. For real though already had cc# changed(just in case) and they will make you change password so that will cover the essentials. Would be nice if they gave us a one time chance to change names though, don't really like the one I have but so many trophies I can't give them up lol.
outwar6010  +   1440d ago
lol at 4!!!!! but seriously im going to delete my card details and start buying the psn store card things
bart999  +   1440d ago
you lost me at sign into "home"
PoisonedMonkey  +   1440d ago
Good job that's last on the list then, eh?
bart999  +   1440d ago
true, what credibility this piece had, went out the window with the reference to home.
Killman  +   1440d ago
Why? Home is actually quite nifty, especially for being free.
bart999  +   1440d ago
To be fair I haven't touched home in over a year; however,I still see no benefit to it, nor does it contain anything of interest to me. If it works for some, then so be it,but as a middle aged professional with only so many hours of game time per week, there is NO way I would waste any of that time on home.
damnyouretall  +   1439d ago
ive never even checked out home. doesnt sound like anything special
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Gamerfans  +   1440d ago
definitely wanna see where my trophy level is.
Ps3_Unholy-sin  +   1440d ago
i feel the same way about my trophies to i want to see how high i am now lmfao i might be at lvl 50 before the psn comes up again as long as there taking to bring it back online
TBONEJF  +   1440d ago
#7,1,2 i'll do cause their r sum gamers out their i know need to get back at after being shot couple times. N i will change my password a MUST.
hurricane50  +   1440d ago
so i think it coming up
trowwom in moring just pray to god hope it com on
Killman  +   1440d ago
If the store is back up as well, I will first be adding some funds. =) I have two $20 PSN cards waiting.
Esena  +   1440d ago
Sony....You can't just update us when you feel like it! You need to constantly be updating the blog to inform your consumers. You guys need to take a class or something!!

Being said, I look forward to checkin the store, syncing my trophies, and buying Outland!
undercovrr  +   1440d ago
well since last week, I don't know about you, but i've seen several PSN update articles every single day on N4G. IF that's not updating us, I don't know what is.
Esena  +   1440d ago
Yeah, I really appreciate their update on Friday... it basically said nothing.

I would be putting out several a day in order to satisfy my consumers. It is pretty ridiculous.

I'm not even mad at Sony about this, I'm mad at their PR.
undercovrr  +   1440d ago
@ Esena

It doesn't make sense to put several updates a day if you have nothing significant to update. You stated exactly what most people think, Friday's update said basically nothing because there was nothing much to say.

So you're saying that you would rather have more updates, where nothing could be said, rather than less?

My point is that when there is something of worth to tell the public, Sony will tell it. There is no point to make any daily updates, because they will probably consist of "today we made progress on fixing PSN", and "as of today we made even more progress of fixing PSN".

I'd rather have more quality updates (meaning updates with something useful) rather than a larger quantity of them
Esena  +   1440d ago

I absolutely agree. I don't want pointless updates either.

I just think they need to incorporate a time frame for these things. This "soon", "in the coming days", "within the week" stuff is just annoying.

I seriously am more annoyed at the potential prospect of them saying, "Within the week" again and not fulfilling their word.
Sugreev2001  +   1440d ago
Finally,A helpful article.My first priority on PSN's return is No.1
Ps3_Unholy-sin  +   1440d ago
I just cant wait for the psn to start up again but its cool sony do what you have to do to get it right but speed up a lil more and carefully get it together ALL YOUR PS3 GAMERS ARE WAITING !!!
NRG  +   1440d ago
#2 makes me facepalm. Why don't you just blatantly encourage more fanboyism to fight fanboys.
SUPER-ECO-CLEAN  +   1440d ago
SpinalRemains138  +   1440d ago
Sign in!
Kamin0  +   1440d ago
All i can think about is Level 80(Uncharted 2) and trophies syncing.
kuroukage  +   1440d ago
Since when did the name of this site turn into n4psn.com? If all you're going to do is post articles on PSN all the time might as well change the domain name to that.
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Adaminy  +   1439d ago
it's news for gamers and the psn situation happens to be the hottest topic in the gaming world right now.
kuroukage  +   1439d ago
I think you're missing the point. The topic is tired. It's insinuating to start posting something else.
Adaminy  +   1439d ago
tired or not, it's what's people wanna read about right now.
HICK  +   1439d ago
EX-ORDERSOL  +   1439d ago
Combine #2 in the Things To Do list with yourself wearing a "I Survived the PlayStation Network Outage" t-shirt, and you got yourself the most epic thing you've ever done in your life involving a console rivalry roflz
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