Most Memorable Mothers In Gaming Episode 1

So, it is mother’s day and Gaming Irresponsibly wants to show some love for all the video game moms out there. They've combed through the annuls of video game history to bring you the most memorable mothers in video game history. This is their first of three installments but be warned, spoilers are abound!

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NukaCola2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

How about the mother who birthed one of the greatest stories ever told?

Do you remember?

EDIT: @agentxk

Ok. Don't forget all the greatest mommies out there.

agentxk2541d ago

She actually isn't forgotten, we are going to have a few more of these throughout the day.

blitz0x2541d ago

Word to your mother. Decent list - I want to see the rest :)

agentxk2541d ago

Soon, very soon indeed

2541d ago
agentxk2541d ago

I'll give you Ma, Maria however was more of a liability and baggage than anything else.