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Thoughts On The Inevitable Release of Modern Warfare 3

So a recently released photo of a big number 3 has been featured in the Official Playstation Magazine UK with the caption, "The biggest game in the world returns". Now this all but confirms that the release of Modern Warfare 3 is immanent, but the question is; will we be seeing more of the same or will the series be ready to take another strong leap forward? More after the break. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Joni-Ice  +   1663d ago
My thoughts? I done with COD. Nothing new every year. Too generic.
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Danielmccue  +   1663d ago
I'm sorry but everyone i know who plays COD said that after MW2 yet they still bought black ops, They're saying it again now and yet i 100 percent guarantee you they will buy MW3.

Along with millions of other people.
TOO PAWNED  +   1663d ago
my thoughts, day 1 for me. Don't care about any other MP
captain-obvious  +   1663d ago
my response to this article is

i cant wait tell Friday
i mean im dying to see some starhawk

now THATS a game ppl should be looking out for

and yah F COD
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Stealth20k  +   1663d ago
just because millions buy it doesnt mean the game is good.

Its called sheep syndrome
BeastlyRig  +   1663d ago
I play cod but I didn't buy it...
BF3 I pre purchased!

After mw2 i really am done! but on console you have to buy it! It's in the rule books! The buggiest game of the year out sold everything!
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NatureOfLogic  +   1663d ago
I will buy COD because I like playing COD, I can care less about what my friends think about COD.
Fil101  +   1663d ago
well i aint gonna lie, i've done my fair share ov moaning when it comes to cod but I know i'll go and buy mw3 and at the same time i'll adit it unlike some people on this site.
Joni-Ice  +   1663d ago
Well I didn't buy Black Ops. In fact what made me be a little more sceptical was Medal of Honor. I bought that game and it wasn't what I thought. So since Medal of Honor, I will be a little more aware of buying games.
Xenial  +   1662d ago
You know, that's somewhat true on my behalf. Atleast cod games have a good re-sell value at Gamestop. :P
lareka  +   1663d ago
Exactly my thoughts !
And as Caleb_141 points out, BF3 is gonna be released at the same time with COD.
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Caleb_141  +   1663d ago
I think now that BF3 is releasing at the same time (MW3's bound to get released in November) people aren't going to simply pick it up just because there's nothing else good being released then. There are so many great games being released then that I know I won't find any reason to pick up the game, not that I would if there wasn't anyway.
Oschino1907  +   1663d ago
Exactly, more then enough to keep many playing without even lookng at MW3. I and many of my friends gave up after MW2 and didnt even consider Black Ops, the ones who did get it either just bitch and moan 24/7 about it or are too bad a online games to even realize how bad and screwed up the game is. Only thing that could make me look at MW3 would be New game engine, Less overall skills/abilities and killlstreaks, Less over the top token weapons that would never be used in real life, Just overall back to the more realistic somewhat factual storylnes that made you actually feel something. Tired of being super soldiers in every game with crazy unreal weapons and skills, the game is for 18 and under now, stop giving it a M rating if thats the case.
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Caleb_141  +   1663d ago
YES! If they took it back to COD4 with the 3 simple killstreaks and new down-to-earth maps with more weapons I would buy it in a heartbeat. They built up a really good story with COD4 then they just completely butchered it for MW2, that was one of the biggest disappointments for me imo.
NBT91  +   1663d ago
Awesome stuff. Even if you dont buy it, it is nice as an additional option at least. I will be occupied just with Twisted Metal and Uncharted 3 but if I fancy a generic team deathmatch FPS, at least the option is there.
Reborn  +   1663d ago
This year, I think given the amount of titles surrounding its release, it could cut into MW3 success. (Highly unlikely though)
wallis  +   1663d ago
Kotick fucked this franchise so hard it flinches every time he looks at it. If Cod was a family he'd be fritzel and that leaves this game, the eighth in the franchise, with a very bad prognosis.
Raendom  +   1663d ago
I wonder what gimmick/stolen feature it'll have. Black Ops stole Gun Game from the mod community of CSS. The betting thing though was a fairly new gimmick. Got old very fast and nobody really cared about their CoD Points.
Oschino1907  +   1663d ago
If they just stopped tryin to add tons of new features to each game and just focused on taking it and making what is there balanced and more polished/refined. A nice balance between COD4 and MW2 would get me excited, take out the stupid shit form MW2 (i know its ALOT) and add it to the solid foundation of COD4 and with a little elbow grease and effort you could have an amazing and all time classic game IMO.

@Janitor if you enjoy being phucked without even a courtesy lick then please feel free to keep playing but for anyone with a brain its hard to ignore the atrociety that is COD these days. the game is fun if you like mindless shooting and dont want a competitive multiplayer experiance. Wouldnt be so bad if they werent making far and above the most money of any game, but when you have those kind of resources how can you let yourself put out a half assed barely tested game year after year. with that kind of money it should be far and above everythign else out there and its average at best. Get off the hype train and open your eyes, youre being RAPED!!! Unless you like when a train gets run on you...
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Janitor  +   1663d ago
Hype train? So it's wrong to buy a game I enjoy playing? Who forced you to play it? These are just games people, no need to get all emotional about it.
Janitor  +   1663d ago
Again with the hating.....for fuck's sake the COD games are fun, easy to pick up and play. If you don't like them fine but why repeatedly post comments about how it sucks or "I'm done with COD". It doesn't sell millions for no reason. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Simple. My only problem is the over-priced map packs. I see a bunch of contrarians who dislike anything popular because that's the cool thing to do on the internet these days.
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gedapeleda  +   1663d ago
There's a reason for janitors to like this game...
Janitor  +   1663d ago
IGAMEHARD  +   1663d ago
mannnnnnn i love the competition of all the Modern Warfare games!!!!!!!! the community go ham!!!!... i love my call of duty people...
IGAMEHARD  +   1663d ago
but you have to understand... i was one of the best at modern warfare 2... stop hatin haters... just fall back and do you... let me do me... stop snitchin and stop lyin
zealottt  +   1662d ago
its not that hard to be good at mw2. You just need to camp and wait for your ac-130
Tru_Blu  +   1663d ago
My thoughts on MW3. Well let's just say BF3, skyrim and UC3 are WAY higher on my list in November. That's 180 bucks right there, MW3 will either be a gamefly or find it used for cheap. Besides I've already played MW3 only it was called Modern Warfare at the time.
Senden  +   1663d ago
Honestly another year and another cod.. I'll buy it second hand if I do. I have been highly critical of cod in the past however I recently picked up black ops (sold it after a day in disgust on the initial release) and have to admit I'm loving it again.

This year I imagine will be different though with so many great games coming out the only reason I'll pick up mw3 will be to play with my friends if they get it.
Nicaragua  +   1663d ago
Thoughts On The Inevitable Release of Modern Warfare 3?

jeez not again
RevXM  +   1663d ago
Well I always enjoyed the works of IW.
No thanks, IW isnt IW anymore. Thank you activision for killing and chocking on IW.
Treyarch fuck off, even fails at copy pasta. Ridiculous!

I wanna hear from Respawn entertainment aka old IW.
Hope they get to work with say the latest Frostbite engine now that they are working with EA. 8)

Bobby K can eat shit and die.
Rybakov  +   1663d ago
my thought? activision dose not own the rights to the title so they can't do squat....and what ever call of crap comes out this year will be the same old broken game as last yaer so i don't care they arn't getting my money like the past 3 years
arjman  +   1663d ago
I'm going to get Battlefield 3 and CoD and have a fookin good time!
dan_chan89  +   1663d ago
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zagambe  +   1662d ago
Modern Warfare 3! are you fucking kidding! it's obvious that every year we're getting same game, same graphics and same gameplay.
BUT In spite of everything people are steel buying this game only because is "CALL OF DUTY"

N2NOther  +   1662d ago
I'll buy it. Play it. And bitch about it. I love the controls and I love playing with my friends. I'll continue to want to punch everyone from IW and their girlfriends in the face just like I do every year.
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TastyTreats  +   1662d ago
To those who are going to get MW3, go ahead and do your thing, but i lost any respect i had for activision after infinity ward was torn apart and we were given Black ops. And i gotta be honest, i bought black ops and to this day have not even touched single player. It jus felt like the same rehashed game online game with a slightly more balanced system. I have a lot of faith however in what EA and Dice are planning to do with Battlefield. So my money and time is going to them this year.
MasterD919  +   1662d ago
Why not just release the confirmation or a teaser already?

What are they waiting for...More Battlefield 3 trailers?
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TastyTreats  +   1662d ago
Maybe they need some more inspiration from BF3 on how to make a good trailer

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