Thoughts On The Inevitable Release of Modern Warfare 3

So a recently released photo of a big number 3 has been featured in the Official Playstation Magazine UK with the caption, "The biggest game in the world returns". Now this all but confirms that the release of Modern Warfare 3 is immanent, but the question is; will we be seeing more of the same or will the series be ready to take another strong leap forward? More after the break.

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Joni-Ice2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

My thoughts? I done with COD. Nothing new every year. Too generic.

Danielmccue2574d ago

I'm sorry but everyone i know who plays COD said that after MW2 yet they still bought black ops, They're saying it again now and yet i 100 percent guarantee you they will buy MW3.

Along with millions of other people.

TOO PAWNED2574d ago

my thoughts, day 1 for me. Don't care about any other MP

captain-obvious2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

my response to this article is

i cant wait tell Friday
i mean im dying to see some starhawk

now THATS a game ppl should be looking out for

and yah F COD

Stealth20k2574d ago

just because millions buy it doesnt mean the game is good.

Its called sheep syndrome

BeastlyRig2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I play cod but I didn't buy it...
BF3 I pre purchased!

After mw2 i really am done! but on console you have to buy it! It's in the rule books! The buggiest game of the year out sold everything!

NatureOfLogic2574d ago

I will buy COD because I like playing COD, I can care less about what my friends think about COD.

Fil1012574d ago

well i aint gonna lie, i've done my fair share ov moaning when it comes to cod but I know i'll go and buy mw3 and at the same time i'll adit it unlike some people on this site.

Joni-Ice2574d ago

Well I didn't buy Black Ops. In fact what made me be a little more sceptical was Medal of Honor. I bought that game and it wasn't what I thought. So since Medal of Honor, I will be a little more aware of buying games.

Xenial2574d ago

You know, that's somewhat true on my behalf. Atleast cod games have a good re-sell value at Gamestop. :P

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lareka2574d ago

Exactly my thoughts !
And as Caleb_141 points out, BF3 is gonna be released at the same time with COD.

Caleb_1412575d ago

I think now that BF3 is releasing at the same time (MW3's bound to get released in November) people aren't going to simply pick it up just because there's nothing else good being released then. There are so many great games being released then that I know I won't find any reason to pick up the game, not that I would if there wasn't anyway.

Oschino19072574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Exactly, more then enough to keep many playing without even lookng at MW3. I and many of my friends gave up after MW2 and didnt even consider Black Ops, the ones who did get it either just bitch and moan 24/7 about it or are too bad a online games to even realize how bad and screwed up the game is. Only thing that could make me look at MW3 would be New game engine, Less overall skills/abilities and killlstreaks, Less over the top token weapons that would never be used in real life, Just overall back to the more realistic somewhat factual storylnes that made you actually feel something. Tired of being super soldiers in every game with crazy unreal weapons and skills, the game is for 18 and under now, stop giving it a M rating if thats the case.

Caleb_1412574d ago

YES! If they took it back to COD4 with the 3 simple killstreaks and new down-to-earth maps with more weapons I would buy it in a heartbeat. They built up a really good story with COD4 then they just completely butchered it for MW2, that was one of the biggest disappointments for me imo.

NBT912574d ago

Awesome stuff. Even if you dont buy it, it is nice as an additional option at least. I will be occupied just with Twisted Metal and Uncharted 3 but if I fancy a generic team deathmatch FPS, at least the option is there.

Reborn2574d ago

This year, I think given the amount of titles surrounding its release, it could cut into MW3 success. (Highly unlikely though)

wallis2574d ago

Kotick fucked this franchise so hard it flinches every time he looks at it. If Cod was a family he'd be fritzel and that leaves this game, the eighth in the franchise, with a very bad prognosis.

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