This week's NPD numbers for Disc Sales = Blu Domination @ 71% purchase rate

'Silver Surfer' took the top spot for Blu-ray. 'Evan Almighty' for HD DVD. The Blu-ray version of Surfer outsold the HD DVD version of Evan by a factor of 100:45.62 (more than 2 to 1). Blu-ray had 8 of the top 10 sellers for the week.

Week 10/14: BD 71, HD 29 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 10/07: BD 68, HD 32 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/30: BD 54, HD 46 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/23: BD 63, HD 37 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/16: BD 61, HD 39 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/09: BD 60, HD 40 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/02: BD 56, HD 44 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39

*courtesy Helen

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jahcure4072d ago

This gives a good take at what's really going on in the USA. It's better checking these numbers than the rants of Amazon sales ranks. Though the amazon sales ranks tend to mirror these trends, they are not accurate since they don't incorporate sales from other outlets.

What's interesting about these numbers this week is that it's before the Transformers week which ran concurrently with the BDs "Buy one, get one free" offer.

Also it show just how weak HD-DVD would be without the para/dream buy out.

Expect the numbers to be more in BD's favor next week. I predict roughly 76:24 OR better.

Bubbles will be appreciated!

Jamaicangmr4072d ago

By your name i take it your either Jamaican or appreciate our music. Either way bubbles for you.

nasim4072d ago

BD has extended its lead over HD DVD .Currently it is outselling HD DVD 6:1 in NA

cuco334072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

These numbers are for LAST week, not this week. This was expected since BD had an 8:1 release week with HD DVD's only 'hope' in sales to be a comedy (Evan Almighty), something that in general doesn't sell too well for HDM. Don't look at weekly sales for how the formats are doing as the only number, look at overall.
I was off by my prediction by 2 points.

Thanks for trying though troll

chasegamez4072d ago

boy ran out and picked up
transformers hd-dvd
and try 2 play it ps3 and 360
i told him he had 2 buy a
hd-dvd player he took the
back 2 the store and told them
it dont work

paracardium4072d ago

BlueRay is the winner no matter what anyone says these sales prove it more and more each week.

cuco334072d ago

a few weeks ago when BD won 54:46 shows BD is always the winner when it has 10 times the players and that week better releases as well?

Embrace both.

fenderputty4072d ago

Isn't approving the story. How funny. It's not like these types of stories aren't posted all the time. Fact of the matter is that the HD war does in some way affect all of us gamers. Especially the ones who bought a PS3 or the HD-DVD add on. BD is dominating in sales of software. This Christmas is going to be a landslide in BD's favor.

ktchong4072d ago

Yeah, but not individual weekly home video sales charts. This is still a gaming site, may I remind you.

Primetimebt4072d ago

and must we remind you what your next XBOX will carry next gen? You'll only have Sony "fanboys" to thank for it because just maybe the XBOX could have a game that can be over 10 hours..

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