Sony Still Doing the PS3 SKU Shuffle

TechNewsWorld reports on October 19, 2007:

"Seemingly always ready to shake up its price and model scheme again and again, Sony announced that the 40 GB PlayStation 3 video game console will indeed make it to U.S. stores by the holiday season. It will also drop the price of the 80 GB unit by $100. This follows a summer and autumn of repeated changes in the platform's lineup and price strategy."

The full article includes statements from Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton and communications spokesperson Kimberly Otzman, as well as outlook analyses of the PS3 and Xbox 360 from WedBush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter and Enderle Group principle analyst Rob Enderle.

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beavis4play4073d ago

round peg, why don't you do a story on the 4 or 5 different skus microsoft is offering? or on the multiple motherboards being created to fix faulty 360 hardware that has been sold for 2 years?
or on the replacement of all the bad halo 3 discs that were sold.

gw4k4073d ago

Settle down fan boy! haha

Fuzz McDeath4073d ago

...A quote from Phil Harrison in Aug '05 about Xbox 360 having more than one configuration:

"Are there two versions of the Xbox 360 that people want to buy, is my question, I don't know...when I look at those formats, I think it just confuses the audience. They don't know which one to buy, developers don't know which one to create for, and retailers don't know which one to stock. So I think we wouldn't take that strategy. We wouldn't create confusion,"

TheMART4073d ago

Wrong Beavis.

MS has a clear strategy. In fact they only have 3 SKU's. The Core is just renamed to Arcade because of the extra's in the box, not on the SKU.

Core/Arcade (no HDD)
Premium (20GB HDD)
Elite (120GB HDD)

And the small changes like adding an extra video connection is like revisions we've seen with older gens also.

Sony on the other hand switches the HDD capacity (20, 40, 60, 80) and gets different forms of PS2 integrated hardware (full, half hard/software, none). It's getting pretty messy for the consumer. Can't be upgraded with PS2 compatibility, where the 360 Core/Arcade can be upgraded to a 'Premium' with just buying a HDD.

PS3's strategy is just less clear to the consumer.

yaf4073d ago

then tht would mean the ps3 just has one sku

PS360WII4073d ago

yaf you're forgetting PS3 has a model that has a ps2 built into it, one that doesn't but still can play ps2 though emulation, and one that doesn't play ps2 games at all. That's 3 right there.

Brawler4073d ago

You forgot the halo 3 edition the premium one with a hdmi slot. And a the 360s witha new heatsink.