'Halo 3' drives spike in Xbox sales; can Sony recover?

The September headline may be about Halo 3 and Xbox 360 sales, but most of the story has to do with Sony. After years of dominating the video game business with PlayStation 2, its new version is widely considered a failure. It is unclear whether a recent price cut can change the momentum as the holiday season gets into full swing.

It may be that the gaming unit, which drove Sony's earnings for so long, will never do so again and that the big Japanese company will have to rely on TV and consumer electronics sales along with the results from its movie studio.

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Bloodmask4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I think that PS3 sales will never be as successful as PS2 sales. The Halo 3 "effect" is in full swing for the Holiday season. Xbox 360 even outsold the Wii for the month of September.

The install base gap is growing larger every month between Xbox 360 and PS3, as Xbox 360 keeps outselling PS3 on a worldwide basis every month. As the Xbox 360 install base continues to grow at a faster pace than the PS3, it will lead to stronger 3rd party support and more exclusive games.

Leg-End4076d ago

the ps3 will NEVER be as successful as ps2
it will still be very successfull though

Violater4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

serious question here, not a personal attack.
What's your motivation??

Edit: bloodmask and cybercentinel same person confirmed.

CyberSentinel4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

How about "The Truth". Is that motivation enough for you?

Blind Lemmings, Open Your Eyes.

unlimited4076d ago

wrong..halo 2 push more xbox units.. but does mean it xbox was successful?? H e ll N o..xbox360 wont have any more games to push it ..

ActionBastard4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

The 360 will only be as successful as the original Xbox. And acting like it has been selling 528K consoles without Halo 3 launch, is well, retarded.

Real gamer 4 life4076d ago

I have to disagree with you bloodmask. The ps3 will catch up eventually. With the price drop and games like mgs4 ff13, grant turismo, socom navy seals and god of war 3 I don't know what gamer will refuse this. All these game that i mention have a large fanbase. And the ps3 Has not unleashed not one of its blockbuster titles yet. those game that i have mention are heavy hitters. and i think sony will drop the price of their new model ps3 by 100 dollar in the spring time. The one thing about sony is that they are smart and patience, they don't hit the panic bottom and they play it smart.

nasim4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

x360 will only sell to OLD CUSTOMERS of XBOX

x360 has nothing after halo 3 and donty forget ps3 outsells x360 2:1 in EU and 10 :1 in JAPAN

PS3 will be a mega success as well. X360 is a low powered console and is not futureprrof. by this time next year it will be obsolete

x360 is a dead console all over the world except NA and it beats ps3 on a worldwide basis. in NA SONY has over 30 million fanbs who waited for ps3's price cut and would be making a PLAY BEYOND

Gina-get-u4076d ago

I also think Sony can "win" this generation, because at this stage the console race can still go either way. But I don't think any of you has thought about what a "win" by MS or Sony really means. Even if the PS3 overtakes the 360's installed base in a year (not likely), what will that change? There won't be a sudden flow of 3rd party PS3 exclusives, because developers are never going to abandon the 360 now, not after the software sales numbers we saw last month or the months previous. And if the current attach rates don't change, game sales will still be higher on the 360 even if there are twice as many PS3s sold. So yes, Sony can "win," but so what?

popup4076d ago

Take PS2 sales, add Xbox1 sales, minus 360,PS3 and Wii sales = how silly all this early 'game over' comments and reports really are.

The PS2 is 7 years old and has still been kicking arse. It took 5 years and 9 months for it to sell 100m.

Jeba4076d ago

i rekon bloodmask should stop using his double accounts to approve these articles...

and it truly does look like cyber = bloodmask

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ElementX4076d ago

Halo was released the last week of September. I wonder how much sales increased into October?

Violater4076d ago

funny thing about "spikes" they are usually sharp in the directions they take. go up real fast and come back down just the same.

ElementX4076d ago

Same with PS3 $400 model spikes?

Violater4076d ago

maybe not, as the 40 Gb has not yet been released everywhere has it?

Zhuk4076d ago

Sony has one last chance to change where its going and its the success of the 40gb PS3. If this thing does not significantly improve hardware sales the PS3 will be in a very tough place for the rest of its lifetime and will go the way of consoles such as the 3DO

pilotpistolpete4076d ago

I see Bloodmask is still being defiant with his usual story pic. You fight the man!